Why do hexagon players die first?

My last game 7 out of 8 hexagon players quit or went afk. Coincidence?

Interesting. Are six sides just too many?

I wonder if some colours are more successful than others too…

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In my veteran experience, yes, color and shapes have tendencies. At least in my own experience. The 64 games were notorious for always killing off certain groups. I actually forget which ones now. But a topic on it occurred maybe four or five years ago. Wow, it’s been so long since my interest burned out. Shame, Jay, shame on you for removing 64s!

Anyway, I know that certain colors often did horribly. Green, for instance, almost never won. I cannot off the top of my head recall a game where green won a game I was in, regardless of shape. I know I used to try playing as the traditionally green and eco-friendly Tanglesia Horticult. They ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, received unbelievably badly spaced stars. Green of all shapes. I actually ended up “cheating” by joining the same game with a new account to see what other green stars were like. They were almost always just as bad.

And by bad I mean impossible. Smallest stars I’ve ever encountered. Not one time did I find one with a big system over 30. It was always minimum systems worth basically nothing.

Most consistently, the spacing. The spacing was always weird and that proved to me some kind of algorithmic tendency to mess with specific playing positions and the star parceling.

And Blue circle tended to always have an unfair position. Every time I’d invade a blue empire, they had unbelievably lucky stars. Never a system under 40. And always positioned properly for at least fair and respectable travel times.

As for orange, I won about 7 or so games with orange. Triangle was the favorite but I think circle tended to grant a better placement. Not sure about pills. Orange Pill sometimes granted some very nice stars. Spacing was consistantly wonky with orange, though, but never, ever so bad as with green.

Maybe the randomization functions could be improved ?

When HULK plays, Green has been known to win from time to time … :wink:


Pretty sure I have won with every colour and shape. I have also won with incredibly bad start positions. It’s like life, just make it work or perish! In fact I have had harder games with good start positions because everyone sees you jump to the lead and then gang up on you.