Why teamwork is important in games

First I want to explain a strategy called turtling. Turtling uses no teamwork at all. Turtling can still be an effective strategy until mid game. I have seen a player do nothing but turtling until around mid game when he sent all his ships to attack me. While the rest of the players were fighting, he was working on his industry and economy and planning for an attack. I have been fighting him off for about 2 weeks now, he had a ton of ships. He ended up getting 22/21/2 on a star while my highest industry on a star is still only 8. I would prefer to have everything spread out evenly instead of all on 1 star. The main reason for this is because you will save a lot more money in the long run. Gathering ships is much more effective for me. This player also did not cooperate with any other player the whole game. His main objective was WAR with me.

Anyways he was very effective with his strategy for a while until I tried to overtake him. I will take his big star out by this time tomorrow. If he worked with other players he would’ve been much more successful. The WAR has been very heated between both of us and he officially hates me now. I tried to solve things diplomatically but he wouldn’t have any part in teamwork or playing the game with other players. He was only interested in solo play. I got a little frustrated with this guy because of his style of playing too. If winning wasn’t a priority during that game things would be much different.

Team play is very important in winning the game. The game can be played solo if it is done right too. The chances of winning are much lower than playing as a team with someone. I don’t see the fun in playing through the game solo. I would rather play with other players. It is hard to win either way but you have a better chance of winning if you cooperate with others and help them out. A solo player I would not give renown to because that is not what this game is designed for. I give renown after seeing how well they play the game and use teamwork. I think I will try to be more of a team player from now on instead of trying to win. Winning isn’t everything but having fun and working with others even if it means you will not be in first is a much better strategy.

The battle with this player has helped me learn a lot about a different type of strategy that is very effective for survival but it will not earn you first place without teamwork. It is more important to me to have fun instead of getting frustrated trying to win against someone. Next game I will do things completely different by using more teamwork instead of making winning a priority. I think everyone should use teamwork with others in the game even if it means sacrificing 1st place to win the game. Trying to win also gives you a big headache when things don’t go your way and a player decides to take you out.


It’s very frustrating having to use all of ones resources fighting one “irrational” player.
But keep in mind, that even if his choices seem irrational, or downright silly to you, it might be what he thinks is his best strategy.

Sometimes our destinies are just that, meeting such an empire, and having our progress towards galactic domination being either partially or completely thwarted.

And that random component Is what makes it even more glorious; we’re not all given equal opportunities, not all games are winnable.

Sympathetic regards

I gave up trying to win this game and decided to help someone else win it instead. The game has become too frustrating for me. I can probably end up winning but it’s not worth the hassle. I will hand the win over to another player who helped me out in the very end. I am done trying to fight for the win and I put up a good fight. There is only so much I can do and it has been very frustrating. I should still be in 2nd place so that isn’t a bad position but handing the win over to another player seems like a much better idea this game.

At first my strategy was to try and wipe him out but that idea failed when I got a surprise attack. Now I am handing the win over to him since he stopped attacking me while I fought the other player. It’s strange how someone can be an enemy at 1 moment then an ally the next to take out a bigger person. At the moment I am allies with both of them but I would rather hand the win over to the player that deserves it more. They are all great players though. The player that has given me a big headache is also a good player who had an effective strategy. I don’t care for his strategy but it worked for him. There is no right way to win or play the game but using teamwork to help an ally win is a much better strategy for me than a big tug-a-war game between the top players. I would rather let another player win the game than have to fight in this game much longer.

This gake is more frustrating than most at times, but I guess you’re the last person I need to tell that to.

Sometimes supporting someone else is the most enjoyable thing to do, and that’s the point, to enjoy yourself.

I’ve always been of the mindset that I just want to be on the winning side, even if I don’t personally win. It’s not that important to me, and I won’t backstab my friends/allies for 1st place unless absolutely necessary.

It’s just more fun that way. I’m not out to make enemies.


I’m with Matt here. I’m in a game with relatively new players, that typically just play amongst themselves. I was invited in to fill a final spot by the one player from that group that plays random games as well. In chatting with them, it seems they will only work together long enough to break the lead player, then they turn on whoever is next highest. Games like that end up taking forever!

I would rather have an ally or two that I can typically trust (though I’m not against a backstab so long as it tips the game enough that the aggressor goes straight for the win, don’t do it just to drag both parties into the ground). I enjoy the interaction and teamwork needed to win. I usually suggest we simply take the ranks as they are once we eliminate everyone else so we can move on to focusing on new games. Most of the players I’ve made friends with are fine with that plan. Since we usually agree to it early, there is no way to know how it will end up.

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Team work definitely pays off. In the games I’ve played, the quiet players have always been steam rolled. The most co-operative and friendly players seem to get rewarded with loyalty… maybe I’ve been lucky so far but I’ve not been stabbed in the back yet.

I’ve started using renown to influence my picking of allies (http://forum.ironhelmet.com/t/how-do-you-pick-your-allies/2336) and early tech trading discussions play a key factor, you can tell a lot about someone from even a short conversation.

My favorite format is winner takes all, like the tourney. I find that if everyone plays for the win the dynamics of the end game are exciting. That may mean that players behave in the manner described by Brian Flowers above, and the end game takes forever. But I prefer that to a static end-game preset arrangement, where allies agree to accept whatever rank they have. I find such end games to be boring.

That being said, I agree that teamwork is crucial in order to win. A solo player more often than not just ends up being a spoiler. The hard part is transitioning from ally to doing what is necessary in order to win , i.e the artful backstab. Not everyone’s cup of tea, to be sure.

Needless to say, a formal team game is different. A backstab among teammates would be stupid.

I’ve yet to try a backstab for the win. I find honesty is the best policy but might play an extra anon game sometime and try out being a ruthless bitch :slight_smile:

I’m always playing to win but i don’t like to make and break alliances too much. In my mind if you cross me once we arent going to be friends again this game.

I went through a whole phase last year of being a sensible second in games. Really enjoyed it. Love to do it again sometime.