Wizard math, and scrolling


Did the Wizard just change? It used to do 500 damage per Wizard population, but now only does 200.

Also, I noticed that when I first load the game I can’t scroll out until I scroll in at least once.


I think I reduced the wizard through the week some time. I think he was too big given his mana and with the additional stun. The idea was that he does a little bit of damage and a short stun so he is somewhere between somebody who specialises in stun and ranged damage.

I’ll have a look at that scrolling issues. I noticed something like that myself.


The wizard damage and mana use seems to keep changing. It now looks like one of my wizards will do 500 damage for 12 mana, and the other will do 200 damage for 8 mana. At one point I could have sworn that both would do 500, then both would do 200, and now one of each.


Sorry its a bit all over the place. Units only get new powers when they are first drawn from your deck. That’s why you might have old versions in your existing games.


Since it stores powers for each unit you could potentially have a card which gains a random power from a pool of possible powers? Might be an interesting idea.


Hey, yeah, I didn’t think of that before!