12 Player Map


We’ve created a 12 player map to try out larger games! It’s about 25% bigger than the current 6 player maps, so hopefully it won’t be too resource-intensive, but it might not run that great on mobile devices!

There are 2 players of each race and I’ve set up players in pairs. Please join up and we’ll see what it’s like:


On a mobile.


Thanks. It’s the same on PC too :slight_smile:


New version up - here’s a new game: https://blight.ironhelmet.com/#/game/6719553214087168


3 spots left!


Just started!


Drat! Curse you, sleep!


Did something happen to the game (https://blight.ironhelmet.com/#/game/6719553214087168)? I seem unable to log in, stuck on “Loading”


Hrm, there is a zombie dwarf with no path. Some strange interaction with Jesters Dance.

Trying to fix now.


OK, there is a new and harder version of this map up!

Set up a test game here: https://blight.ironhelmet.com/#/game/5930976322519040

There are lots of new changes in the game as well. Try out some of the area of effect and card drawing units!


I’m headed up into the mountains for the weekend, but I’ll join when I get back if by some miracle there’s still a position open!


3 positions left …


Two spots left.


One spot remaining and it’s a choice Human player adjacent to a Mana Well.

Come and get it!


Must be the neighbours putting them off …


I see what you did there…


New version of this map is up today. Here is a test game, this time on HARD: https://blight.ironhelmet.com/#/game/5397268284833792


I’m in! Grabbed the Orcs in the SW.


Count me in! Is the change to starting gold intentional?


Hmm, nope, not intentional.