1v1 Friendlies

found it and joined you

I have added four more maps 21-100- group 5A.

I won that one. @Tanktress saw earlier than me that the map had a very distinct strong side, and immediately sent a large force to secure those stars and attack my weak side. Meanwhile I got to the core sooner, and tried to to attack her side, but to no avail. @Tanktress finished the early game with a 20 star lead on me! Still trying to figure it how that happened! I managed to keep a weps lead, which helped me gain a ship count lead, which I expanded. Was able to reinforce my weak side and turn the tide. @Tanktress is a fierce competitor. Phewwww!

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Im waiting in map 21-100-23 https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5469882471415808 with settings:
These maps have one-off settings identical from @Trucriot 's Tournament 1v1 LLL 2021 OCT :
turn wait = 48 hr, jump = 6 ticks, 64 stars, NR = Standard, random WG = common , WG = cheap,
HW = far , starting 1 stars, 20 ECON & 20 IND & 4 SCI, 100 ships, W4.
If anybodys interested

@wfmcgillicuddy and I are now sparring in Neptune's Pride: Game 6248397521289216

@Tanktress is a worthy adversary, for sure. I’m a bit surprised she bested you, but not… too surprised. I’m looking forward to my first crack at her in 1v1 play, whenever that may be. :slight_smile:

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Neptune's Pride: Game 5892094936481792 please join I am a complete beginner so if you are a extremely serious player do not join:)

I don’t think Tanktress is a she! :rofl:

Granted, I never thoroughly investigated the matter, I just took Tankress as the name and preference for playing pink presents. But oh my dear Growlar, what has become of you? :wink:

yes i am a male the name is an accent story, and i go pink
just because its fun.

I think i might have to jump back in since my racking is dropping. Like to try making the top
10 maybe some day.

hope you are all well

May Honor Find You On The Battlefield

Lying low! Use my email address!

Greetings! I’ve made a few maps for this thread. Please check them out and, as @Trucriot notes in the first post, please only join one game at a time to leave options for other players.

Password for all games is: 1v1

Firstly, a game in which I await a challenger! Standard LLL rules. Neptune's Pride @Kwhwwymwn defeated @Macomber (well played!)

Next up, a set of games of the same LLL type:

Game 1: http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6099155065503744 saltmasterluke vs @tenerezu

Game 2: http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/4987278159773696

Game 3: http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6512690824216576 Nassau awaits a challenger!

And then a few different ones:

Game 4 (Mini 1v1 with smaller map): http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/4683103475597312

Game 5: (1v1v1v1 - 4 players!): http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6526517531901952

Game 6 (Amped Up 1v1 - weapons enabled, maxed out banking, etc): http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5413761567162368 - freemanicj vs FredGarvin (FredGarvin wins)

Have fun! Let me know what you think of the unusual modes.

Also, maybe I should’ve started a new thread instead of posting in this 2021 one… ah well. Next time.

No worries. Changed the thread title. Thanks for posting some maps.

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game6 was wild

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Glad you enjoyed it, @FredGarvin. As per your request, here is another Amped Up 1v1 (with normal banking this time). Password: 1v1

Neptune's Pride: Game 6540723002015744 - FredGarvin vs Omori

And I shall await a challenger in this cute lil mini 1v1: http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/4683103475597312 Macomber vs. BewilderedBaker

Note that several empty LLL-style games await above if anyone would like the practice.

Joined game 3 as i need to brush up… its been a year or two