1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 01/2021]

I’m in.

Yes, please!

2 more days left to sign up for those undecided or late to the party :wink: It will be a while before the next KO tournament starts, so this is your chance if you don’t have any 1v1 games lined up currently.

@HULK and @Solfyre - the games will likely start this weekend, but there’s ample time to finish them and won’t have other people as longingly waiting for the result like in the KO setting. However, if you choose not to join you’ll get another chance to do so in two months or less. Would be great to have you guys in any case!

@Karmadrome - unfortunate to hear, but looking forward to seeing you back refreshed!

@plug - not expecting a lot of repeat match-ups, but let’s see. Feel free to hop in at any point in the future when looking for a 1v1 challenge.

This is just the start. The whole world needs to know you don’t betray me as you will continuely get fucked up by me in future games

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@Trucriot I think I’ll pass for now, thanks! I’m excited to see how it goes!

Im all for working people up. Just get on actually achieving a bit of that. So far the retribution has been purely talk :laughing:

Time’s up and the pairings of the first LLL round are set as follows:

1: @Dysp - @Trucriot
2: @Kaine - @panblanco
3: @Cryptious - @DarkDragonwing
4: @BelSon - @Ralx
5: @ignaloidas - @Wassupsucker
6: @Slicertos1 - @Lord_Davo
7: @gaz123 - @SimonMiaou
8: @Macomber - @Zatoc

Use the according link for your game in the tournament tracker - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:
https://np2stats.dysp.info/tournament.php?tournament=3 (powered by Dysp)

Password is 1vs1. Please join your game within a week.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

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Thanks for setting this up, @Trucriot … let the games begin

I can’t join my game (7) as it says the password is not correct

Note: the password is actually 1vs1. Couldn’t join with 1v1. Let the games begin!

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Worked, thanks!

Thanks for the correction!

Awesome idea @Trucriot and sorry I can’t make the first go-around.

BTW, as you guys play your games, give some thought to the idea of slightly increasing the starting cash. I’ve debated in the past with 1v1’s going with $2,500 instead of $2,000 and would welcome feedback on that idea.

P.S. And YES, I think there should be preference given to “original” players and as others join in, we should get some sort of “known-down” on the ladder no matter what our ranking is - we gotta claw our way up! :wink:

@panblanco I’ll join tomorrow just fyi

Note, your email has the wrong password, but the one listed here works.

Sorry for the confusion around the password (1vs1).

Games 5 and 7 are off to a fast start and already at 90 ticks, well done!

Quick reminder to @Kaine, @Ralx and @Slicertos1 to join your games in the next days - your opponents are ready to start :wink:

I am hereby conceding to @ignaloidas

After many well fought battles and some fatal early game mistakes the game is lost.

Best of luck to all in the upcoming rounds!


Good game @Wassupsucker. The map was very choke’y so my early advantage managed to pull up, but I have to say that there were quite a few moments where you were giving me some hard problems.

Best of luck in the upcoming rounds!

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That’s great - some of us are still waiting for our opponents to check in. :frowning:

That is true - last call for @Ralx and @Slicertos1. Please join your game until the end of this week, otherwise your opponents would simply be declared the winners - but there’s not much fun in that, better if you guys fight it out :wink:

Click here to find your games in Dysp’s tournament tracker.