1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 01/2021]

Ditto on most of what @DarkDragonwing and @Trucriot said - will let you guys know about Tournament Badges, but that is a Jay decision.

I’m totally clobbered right now in RL (although the light is at the end of the tunnel) so I’m not starting any 1v1 tournaments any time soon. Yes, at some point when you are down to the last few players, it makes sense to start another one so eliminated players can start again … but you have to balance that with being “fair” to the players still going.

Thank you! Much appreciated

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Sadly, I was slayed by @DarkDragonwing Was a fun game, but he took an early lead, made some nice attacks.and none of my gambles paid off. Well played, was a good game, we’ll have to do it again sometime :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed the game @Cryptious! You played a nice strategy, it was challenging to defend your attacks and I was lucky in some moments to make the right decisions.

I hope we will face again in some future game!

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Just finished my game with @Tanktress. It was a long (in time, not necessarily ticks), gruelling match. I quickly made it to ~30 stars ahead, but we were identical in ships and I couldn’t get ahead. At tick 200 I started climbing in ships, and from there the game eventually turned my way.

Thanks for the game @Tanktress!

Thank you for the lesson. I learned a lot.

FYI Guys that I chatted with Jay about Tournament Badges. He likes the idea and it’s on his TODO list … but he has higher priority development stuff he’s working on now.

Looks like all of the games have ended, with @Dysp conceding to @Trucriot. Time to set up a new season?

Yes, that sounds like a good idea!

Yes, after some great battles the final game has come to an end - it was quite demanding, also given our simultaneous fight in the Dec KO QF that is still ongoing.

I’ll open up the next LLL round this weekend.

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Final results of LLL 01/2021

  1. @Trucriot d. @Dysp
  2. @panblanco d. @Kaine
  3. @DarkDragonwing d. @Cryptious
  4. @BelSon d. @Tanktress*
  5. @ignaloidas d. @Wassupsucker
  6. @Slicertos1 d. @Lord_Davo
  7. @SimonMiaou d. @gaz123
  8. @Zatoc d. @Macomber

Sign up here for the next round! (Sign-ups for the concluded round will not carry over to the next one automatically to make sure only active players are considered in the match-ups.)