1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 08/2021]

Just conceded to @plug. I went for a strong science strategy, getting terra + banking before the second cycle. I think it could work well, but I couldn’t play it to its full potential. And plug went stronger on industry, and was able to win some crucial front-line battles. So well played.

Thanks for the game @BelSon - I felt the Weapons 4 adjustment made some difference, but maybe not that much. I decided to aim for an early ship-count advantage, and take a few more risks on attacks.

Hey, it’s still me managing the league :stuck_out_tongue:

For sure.

On that note, here’s the exit survey on Weapons 4:

What would be your preference for future LLL rounds?

  • Weapons 3 (as in previous rounds)
  • Weapons 4 (as in the current round)
  • No preference

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@Solfyre smoked me.

No worries, he’s probably gonna smoke me next :wink:

GGs to @Lex
Was close in the beginning, but I managed to hold my Central-Western front while pushing into your Central-Eastern, as was my plan from the start.
Next time, I’ll pay more attention to initial ship routing, as you were ahead of me there :slight_smile:

I’ve completed my game against @RhysOnasi, though it was really against the AI at the end as Rhys went AFK.

The game started off very close on both sides. I had a small star lead, while Rhys had a small ship lead. Afterwards, with the missed turns and AI, it was an easy victory to 91 stars.

Apologies about that. I often travel for work, and they decided to change some IT policies and all of a sudden I couldn’t access NP on my work computer or using the wifi system on my phone. =( On PTO this week.

I think before I lost access it was close, but you had gotten some early advantages and a lot better troop movement to the front and you would have slowly grinded me out with your star and positional advantage. GGs. Apologies again on how it ended.

No worries. Glad you’re ok!

Good game to @suedenim - I created early warp gates to rush out ships and was able to build a steady lead over time to win - but they launched numerous successful invasions that kept the game close. Well played

That planet deficit was a massive pain in the butt. Thanks for the slow punishment :slight_smile:

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Hope everyone had fun playing!

Final results of LLL 08/2021

  1. @Solfyre [1] d. @panblanco [9]
  2. @plug [5] d. @BelSon [14]
  3. @spymort [22] d. @Lex [17]
  4. @Macomber [25] d. @suedenim [19]
  5. @Sneferu d. @iippabella
  6. @OinkBark d. @4up
  7. @olus2000 d. @HabitableFiction
  8. @kinghuang d. @RhysOnasi
  9. @gaz123 d. @Wassupsucker

Sign up in the linked thread for the next round! (Sign-ups for the concluded round will not carry over to the next one automatically to make sure only active players are considered in the match-ups.)

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Locking Scan at 1 is a pretty wild idea would be almost like a dark galaxy although yea, could actually result in LESS attacking - I’m not sure.

Another reason maybe not to do it is that means one less tech to choose to research … so you’d be down to just 4 to choose from…

Right now, it’s helpful to research Scan to get Intel and also see those Warp Gates but Scan (and Hyper) do eventually top-out. I don’t know a good way to address this …

Note that the downside of making the galaxy smaller is if you make a mistake, it’s harder to recover from. I.e. if someone grabs a key stars, it may effectively be game over since there aren’t as many other areas to try to grab.

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