1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 10/2021]

Indeed, that makes 30 and thus the biggest 1v1 tournament round in NP2 history! :partying_face:

I’ll set everything up tomorrow - following the polls, common warp gates will be active as a one-time deviation.


Here’s the 15 (!) match-ups (Top28 ranks shown in brackets):

  1. @plug [5] vs. @spymort [11]
  2. @panblanco [6] vs. @FinrodFelagund [7]
  3. @Macomber [12] vs. @BelSon [18]
  4. @DarkDragonwing [17] vs. @Sneferu [25]
  5. @Dr_Gaming [19] vs. @Lex [24]
  6. @olus2000 [21] vs. @Tanktress [26]
  7. @suedenim [27] vs. @kinghuang
  8. @iippabella vs. @gaz123
  9. @Kwhwwymwn vs. @Gissni
  10. @Gabrio vs. @Jockandmope
  11. @limemaster vs. @4c6f6c
  12. @csessh vs. @Dizzy_pink
  13. @Grzejnikki vs. @Argus
  14. @Vernitrax vs. @SUP
  15. @HabitableFiction vs. @Bruce

Use the according link I provided for your game in Dysp’s tournament tracking tool - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:

Password is 1vs1 - please join your game with your forum username within a week.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

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Hi, we were matched together, any chance to start game soon? :slight_smile:

Very well, 28 players have already joined their games!

Reminder to @Lex and @limemaster to join your games within this week.

Common warpgates look so messy

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I can imagine! This reminds that even though it’s a one-time change for now, I’d still like to know how the deviation is perceived.

How’s your sentiment towards the addition of random (common) warp gates on the 1v1 maps of this round?

  • Positive
  • Neutral
  • Negative

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Game 10, 12 and 13 have ended with @Gabrio, @csessh and @Argus winning. Any reports from the battlefield?

Nothing in particular but overall a very enjoyable game

How they finish so fast they’re literal NP2 1v1 speed runners

Battle was messy in the first half. There were 2 cases where they almost got my home star, and that would’ve been close to gg. In the first case, I got 100 ships come in right in time. In the second case, I had to destroy a gate and make one on my home star to have the reinforcements in time lol.
Was fun, they resigned a little before there was a chance at me capturing their home star, but at that point I had double economy and science unfortunately, they were spending all their money on industry to keep up with me.

With @Vernitrax winning Game 14, after the first week four games have already concluded - all of them were battles between newjoiners. The other games currently range from 48 to 318 ticks in runtime.

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Idk what is the “meta” for 1v1, but I enjoyed sending 1-ship-fleets and capturing unguarded systems. Yes, I was always zerg player, and I am proud of this :smiley:

Just a quick question- If I do some changes after I have already submitted but before my opponent submits his turn, will the change take place?

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, they will! It’s just kinda risky for elaborate changes because at any point the game could already jump forward.

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Keen newbies, probably :smiley:

We just finished our 342 tick game with @gaz123 . It was a long game but I enjoyed every part of it. Gaz had the lead early on catching my stars both on the left and the right front, when I was just collecting my ships in the middle. Even with a massive lead on stars, I managed to keep quite close on the industry, and the shipcounts were even troughout the game. I think the turningpoint was when my (propably) 10th attack in the middle succeeded and I managed to catch his home star. Even though he managed to reclaim it in a few turns, he never fully recovered from that. So finally, I managed to get enoughs stars to win this round. Thanks Gaz for the game and I hope to meet you again on the battlefield some day.

Finished my match against @lex . Sadly they missed the first turn so it wasn’t an equal start but it was a good fight regardless. The random warp gates definitely allowed for some interesting maneuvers both with how you use them and when you cut them off,it also made hyperspace more important compared to before as well.

In mine game I forgot to buy eco in first cycle. I had money saved, I just forgot that cycle ends in that turn xD But I recovered from that anyway :slight_smile: It is nowhere near that impactful as missing 1st turn, but it put me behind :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it was a cracking good game! Really thought I had it made until iippabella took my home star. Then it was downhill all the way… Teach me to spend a bit more time researching scanning as then I might have seen him coming!

olus2000 just finished our game with me gaining the win. I was able to get a early star lead and held on to that. Even with the star lead i fell behind in Econ because of the “many” warp-gates I bought early, but luckily it paid off for me in the middle game.

haha and not a AFK win for once :shushing_face:

thank olus2000 for the game and all who work to make this league happen…

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