1v1 TB Tournament Ranking

What an extraordinary feat by @panblanco! Not only is it the first tournament win against Hulk since forever, it also means there’s gonna be the first tournament final without Hulk’s participation since the May 2018 (!) one.

Also congrats @HULK for the win streak record (11), that’s more wins than most players’ total games. Can’t really see anyone beating that soon (or ever?) :sunglasses:

Congrats to my NP pal @panblanco :clap: :clap: :clap:

Hey, so now that I’ve been destroyed in my first tourney, how does the tourney participant badge work? Will that just show up later?

As far as I know, no badges for tournament wins or participation have been handed out recently. It’s probably a manual process on Jay’s side, maybe @HULK knows more.

Tournament organizers need to contact me with details. Via email preferably.

68 unique players are ranked as of the latest completed tournament week, the top half is shown above. A golden background of a player’s rating means that the player is currently at their personal career high.

Five new games are wrapped up in this latest edition of the 1v1 ranking - from four different tournaments!

@Solfyre’s win in the semifinals of the August tournament catapults him to third place and 1,419 points - and he still has one more victory in queue! Can he become the first in years to break the hegemony of the top duo?

Speaking of the top duo, @panblanco jumps to 1,382 points (sixth place) with their sensational win against @HULK in the December tournament and makes @SuperDave #1 again. HULK was on top for the past 17 tournament weeks. The 17 weeks before that (equal streak)? You guessed it: SuperDave. The 7 weeks before that? You guessed it: HULK. :wink:

@DarkDragonwing grinded out a win in the August 2CC semifinals, lifting him to 1,181 points. And new-joiner @Slicertos1 now ranks just below him at 15, winning his game in the first round of the LLL.

Btw, thanks @JayKyburz for checking in!

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Good job everyone for raising the bar and especially @panblanco for SMASHING the HULK! :wink:

FYI that I’m working with @Trucriot to figure out a “good” way to award tournament badges for those players who compete - we’ll use his records from previous plays… I’m traveling right now, but will try to present a proposal to @JayKyburz for his consideration in the next week.

I’m debating if it should be called the “1v1” or “mano-mano” badge! :wink:

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Officially won over with turn based NP. Actually pretty good. Looking forward to the next one. And lol at superdave losing a game. What a noob

Hey @Trucriot, how does this thing decide when to add game wins/losses into the formula? I think I had 3 games end in the same “week” (10-17th), but it seems to be that they are getting considered at very different times for the ranking. I’m just curious about when a game is “over” and put into the rankings. Thanks!

I’m with you @Slicertos1 with being won over by TB games, specifically the 1v1s. There is sometimes more tactical strategy in one turn of these matches than say a whole standard NP game. Other games are SO MUCH MORE dependent on star spacing, start location, player tactics and diplomacy. I’ve been finding that regular games don’t really cut it for me anymore, like something is missing. :slight_smile:

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Same here, TB with active players is perfect. And the turnament games are the ones I enjoy the most.
Would love to see another 3v3 or other team size. Wondering if we could rank players based on team games? :thinking:

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That would be fun. We need @Karmadrome to return though! He, @Solfyre and I are currently on an undefeated streak :wink:

Normally all results should be added immediately. However, with the new tournament week methodology came one limitation:

Would have had to re-write most of the code and it’s not really a common occurence. Just unfortunate that you’re the first ever to finish three games in the same week :stuck_out_tongue:

I see, well that makes sense then. Thanks for the explanation! :stuck_out_tongue:

55 unique active players are ranked as of the latest completed tournament week, the top half is shown above. 13 players are inactive (reliability 0%) and no longer shown. A golden background of a player’s rating means that the player is currently at their personal career high.

Three new games are included this week, the winners of which all reached new career highs!

@DarkDragonwing enters the Top10 for the first time (1,297 points), @Zatoc gets into the 4-digit zone (1,021 points), and @Solfyre shatters the 1,500-point mark (1,529 points), something only three other players managed to do in the whole history of the ranking so far! Furthermore, the latter is playing the final game of the August tournament versus @HULK - looking at the proximity of the first three in the ranking, the winner will likely be crowned as new #1 as well, overtaking @SuperDave - no pressure guys :wink:

@Solfyre is almost certainly going to win against me. We had agreed to play two-outa-three for the August Championship … but is that “unfair” to the ranking system? I.e. what would you recommend @Trucriot?

  1. We play two-outa-three and ALL games “count”
  2. We play two-outa-three and only the final result “counts” as ONE game
  3. We just play the one (current) game and call it a wrap

All are acceptable to me so I’m OK with whatever - note that @Solfyre should agree also.

Actually already gave it some thought after you mentioned that you may go for best-of-3, and I think I found a way to work with all three options.

For option 1, I’d half the weight of each game played compared to normal games, so the winner would still get the “full” victory rating-wise, minus half a loss in case there is one. The other two work fine as is.

To be honest, I’d be happy with any of those 3 outcomes. I suppose if I was being picky, I’d take option 2 or 3(even if I wasn’t already in the lead in our current game). I imagine that if we play 3 and count them all, I’m very likely to pick up a loss or two and for some reason I don’t want a partial loss (or victory for that matter) on my stat sheet. Might just be weird. So there is my 2 cents. @HULK since I picked my two favorite options, do you want to pick your favorite of the 2 remaining? Whatever works for me.

Just to clarify: For the W-L stat it would count fully (each victory and loss), the rating change per single game would be reduced though.

@Trucriot - great thinking with the weighting factor - should have know you’d be on top of this! :wink:

@Solfyre - here’s two options for you to pick from - I’ll accept either one.
3. We just play the one (current) game and call it a wrap
4. We play two-outa-three and the rankings are weighted as discussed (but win-loss would be integer)

UPDATE: Not sure why I brain-farted and didn’t list this before, but option #2 is fine with me too:
2. We play two-outa-three and only the final result “counts” as ONE game