1v1's in a few days are FUN - anyone else interested?

After @Lex and I lost our respective semi-final matches in the XJHD 04/2023 1v1 tournament, we played a consolation game.

We both submitting lightning fast and completed over 200 ticks in just a couple of days!

We had so much fun that we played more - it’s really cool (and intense!) when the game moves along much faster than real-time … no dilly-dally’ing. It feels completely different than games that can take a month+ to finish.

Obviously this can’t always be the case - the point of turn-based is so you can sleep(!) … plus RL sometimes pops up as certainly has happened with me.

But I thought I’d post about that experience … and maybe start a thread to see if there are other people interested in playing “lightning” NP turn-based game.

If so, chime in here and I could create some games for people to play and post the links here. I.e. it would just be “grab and game and go” - not a formal tournament.

Again, this would be if you have some free time and want a quick “NP fix” :wink:


I’d be interested

id be down

Here’s some links to 1v1 games that appear to have decent maps - same params as the most recent 1v1 tournament except starting cash is $1,000.

The password is “1v1” (no quotes) and once you have two people join, it should auto-start.

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Awaiting opponent.