Xjhdexter Memorial 1v1 Tournament [XJHD 04/2023]


exactly a year has gone by, and I think another NP2 1v1 competition is in order to honor the memory of @xjhdexter.


Sad News. @xjhdexter has passed away

The prolific map designer was an early proponent of the mirrored maps feature too which is the foundation for the fair and intense tournament settings we have these days. He also provided a lot of players with many different maps to play friendly 1v1s on and kept tabs on them.

Although mostly quite stoic in his demeanor, I happened upon this excited description of one of his last map creations:

So I thought we’ll give these experimental settings features a shot in a KO tournament. To summarize: Normal research for all techs except Experimentation, and a lower starting budget/income that I think will go nicely with the other settings.


Here are all settings that will deviate from the NP2 default ones in this tournament.

Stars For Victory: 66%
Turn Based: On
Tick to Jump Each Turn: 6 Tick Jumps
Turn Deadline: 48 Hours
Dark Galaxy: Disabled
Stars Per Player: 64 Stars, Epic
Home Star Distance: Far
Random Gates: Common Gates
Starting Stars: 1
Starting Credits: $813 (number of total forum posts created by xjhdexter)
Starting Ships Per Star: 100 Ships
Starting Economy: 20
Starting Industry: 20
Starting Science: 4
Cost Science: Cheap
Cost Experimentation: None
Starting Experimentation: Level0
Starting Weapons: Level4
Time limits

After 50% of all games in a KO round have concluded, a countdown of two weeks will begin in which the remaining ones can still wrap up organically. Otherwise I’ll apply the tiebreaker (stats and wait time) to decide who moves on to the next round - please submit regularly as much as possible. Thanks to the settings, stalemates should be avoidable.

Seedings for this KO tournament will happen according to the latest world rankings.

Sign-ups are open until Friday, April 28 - everyone is welcome to join.


I am in.

Count me in please!

I’ll give it another shot! :innocent:

I would like to join.

I’m in for this tournament please - thanks for organising @Trucriot

I’d be interested … but will be offline for about two weeks at the end of May, so I’m worried that I’d either hold things up and/or have to default. Maybe I could be a “sub” if someone advances and then has to drop out?

Nice work as always organizing @Trucriot

Here Here!

I’ll join

I’ll play too

Depending on the number of sign-ups, you may get a bye for the first round. Let’s see if it works out :slight_smile:

Okay, you got me, sign me up if there’s space!

The XJHD tournament is starting! Only 10 players signed up, but they are all top level players, so a lot of things can happen :wink: First a few byes happen though.

Round 1
2. @Macomber [CA-19] vs. @limemaster [27]
6. @Kaine [AQ-11] vs. @gaz123

Join your game via @Dysp’s tournament tool here by May 2: NP2STATS

When your game finishes, please post in the forum. For the remaining game, a countdown of 2 weeks will begin afterwards. Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

Maybe I missed it, but what is the password?

@Satirael and @Trucriot - Since I’ve got some travel (and will be offline) at the end of May, any chance we can start our game now … as I should be able to submit reasonably fast.

Its 1v1 (took a guess).

Bummer, i’m just seeing this

I don’t mind starting the game now, as long as it doesn’t cause any problems for the tournament.

Thanks - should have guessed!

Whoops, forgot to post the password, yes: 1v1