[2CC] August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

@bythejatz. Good stuff, hope you and @Axson had a fun game.

I updated the game links in the first post, you and @Dysp can join G5 and start fighting around the peanut for a spot in the final! :wink:

@DarkDragonwing is one tough nut. He’s leading in every category but stars, and continues to pull away. This one could take a while.

Nice to hear that, @panblanco!
But you are a tough opponent, too. Really had to think about my next moves A LOT the last day, haha. Don‘t know if it will work, I‘ll see in a few moments.

Round 1 Status Update

G4 The Eyesight @panblanco leading 76-70 against @DarkDragonwing at tick #300

Round 2 Status Update

G5 The Peanut @Dysp leading 69-56 against @bythejatz at tick #168

@DarkDragonwing and I just finished up our game. Lol. Not sure if anyone is still checking in on this thread, but I hope the tourney continues.

I conceded at 77-69 stars. He’s the toughest I’ve played yet, no offense @HULK :slight_smile: but you were my first 1v1 so it’s tough to compare fairly. But he had basically zero mistakes all game. Great foresight. Went heavy on banking in the beginning and managed to slowly gain on me via the extra coin and industry bit by bit.

Great job guys. Sounds like you had a hell of a game with 480 (!) ticks.

@Kaine and @DarkDragonwing are up next in Round 2, the game link is in the first post. Good luck and have fun.

@Dysp is already waiting for the winner in the Final. Their game against @bythejatz concluded 70-55 after 180 ticks in the meantime.

Lol forgot about this it’s been so long! @DarkDragonwing do to mind if I give it a couple days for some games to end before we start this?

Thanks a lot! @HULK is a REAL tough opponent - played quite a few games against him and he always had a master plan and some HULK SMASHING :wink:
Your words mean something to me :smiley:

I don‘t mind you to finish your current games! Just let me know, when you‘re done and ready for our game! :smile:

Glad to see this tourney is still going and 480 ticks is a doozy of a game!
I also appreciate the SMASHING words … :wink:

@DarkDragonwing I’ve just joined the game, I’ll be looking to submit the first turn some time on Wednesday.

@Kaine, you don‘t need to hurry. I am totally busy this week so I won‘t be able to make any moves until Saturday I think. So take your time! I‘ll join on Friday/Saturday and will make my moves then :slight_smile:

sounds good :slight_smile:

So, after a tough match and 408 Ticks @Kaine conceded earlier this day. Lots of Ups and Downs during those 408 Ticks, but I managed to take and keep the lead after a while.
It was a fun and challenging game, thanks for that! Really hope to see @Kaine back in some future 1v1 :smiley:

@Dysp, are you still here and ready for the Final Game? :grin:

It was pretty fluid :slight_smile: I remember taking the cluster on the right and doing a mini celebration only to lose the middle 2 ticks later. The last few turns were mostly stubbornness on my part though, although I almost managed a breakthrough it was too little too late! Congrats on the win @DarkDragonwing

Yeah, I remember you taking the eastern cluster and I just felt like an idiot for overextending my position this much. Lost some Indu over there… :sweat_smile:
But yeah, it was quite good to take the middle of yours a few turns later. Gave me some nice positioning on the map.

You almost did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But TBH, the game was not over yet. Really had to think about where I could go for the needed stars to take the win, plus I had to manage my defense on the eastern side of the map.

It was a really good match, really hope to see you back soon for a re-match :smiley:

Congrats to you both for a truly epic game as it seems!

@Dysp is already waiting for @DarkDragonwing on the final map of the 2CC - I think it has quite an interesting layout, let’s see how it will develop:

That is an interesting map with the middle gap and left and right sides pretty evenly spaced out with stars.

Anyone still reading this?! :joy:

Anyways, we finally made it. I just conceded my game against @Dysp. I took the lead early due to Hyper, but sadly I was not able to gain any big advantage from it, plus I wasn’t finding any gap in his defense…
However, @Dysp outplayed me smartly step by step and deserved the victory in the 2CC August/2020 Tournament!

Big congratulations on that :smile:

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Thank you. It was very tough game from start to end, well played!

Very well played guys - congrats @Dysp for winning possibly the only edition of the Second Chance Cup ever :wink:

I updated the OP with the final brackets. Thanks to all who participated!

I’d also like to invite @Axson, @bythejatz, @John14-6, @Kaine and @Nassau to consider signing up for the newest April tournament - 23 others already have :slight_smile: