[2CC] August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

Normally I’d have said you just advance, but given that we had 9 players to begin with I prefer the latter. Will adjust the tournament plan to reflect the changes later today.

@SuperDave sorry to hear this, we definitely can’t lose a player of your calibre. I play mostly on my iPad and have absolutely no issues with the game. In the past there were some issues with my iPhone, but I think they’re mostly okay now. But I would definitely recommend you try the tablet route.

Tournament plan is updated (and also one of the map names which I mistakenly switched).

Sorry to hear that, @SuperDave! I really hope you will be able to play on your tablet and join the next tournament. Would be a shame to lose such a strong player.

@panblanco, I will join our game later this day and make my first moves then :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking forward to it! @DarkDragonwing

@SuperDave Sorry to hear that. I have had the same problems. But you will be surprised how easy it actually is, if you try to use the mouse with the other hand. You can use one week with left hand and next with right etc. That worked for me, switching biweekly your mouse hand. Would also recommend it to everyone, to prevent problems in future!

Round 1 Status Update

G1 The Cloverfield @bythejatz leading 60-51 against @Axson at tick #138
G2 The Rift @Dysp won against @John14-6 after 246 ticks
G3 The Quarters @Kaine leading 66-32 at tick #192 against @Nassau
G4 The Eyesight @DarkDragonwing leading 55-54 against @panblanco at tick #54

Game over at tick 222, win to me. Nassau fought well: these 2v2 are unforgiving of even minor mistakes.

@Kaine. Congratulations to your first 1v1 victory! Who you’re gonna play in the semis still seems very open as of now.

@Nassau & @John14-6. Hope to see you guys join the 1v1 grind again in September.

I hear on mistakes can kill 'ya @Kaine … but I assume you that at least the 64-stars, far galaxy is a LOT more forgiving of at least a few of them than rather going with the defaults of 24 stars medium.

When we first started doing 1v1, those games were basically decided by whoever made the first good/bad move.

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Axson and I are plugging away at our game, though the time difference (Sweden/Australia) means that the tick rate is slow

@bythejatz. Tick 240 now, that’s some fast progress you two are making with that time difference!

Yes, we have kept up a nice speed during the weekend. Gets harder during the week.

@SuperDave Really sorry to hear about your tendonitis. I’m late to the party since I haven’t been following this thread… but have you thought about a trackball mouse like this one? Your forearm and elbow don’t move at all, just your fingers moving the ball. It takes some getting used to, but I know a couple people that use it and love it, especially in the audio engineering world. Probably not the best for high speed gaming, it may do the job for NP and normal browsing.

Game finished against Axson and I have scored the win.

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@bythejatz. Good stuff, hope you and @Axson had a fun game.

I updated the game links in the first post, you and @Dysp can join G5 and start fighting around the peanut for a spot in the final! :wink:

@DarkDragonwing is one tough nut. He’s leading in every category but stars, and continues to pull away. This one could take a while.

Nice to hear that, @panblanco!
But you are a tough opponent, too. Really had to think about my next moves A LOT the last day, haha. Don‘t know if it will work, I‘ll see in a few moments.

Round 1 Status Update

G4 The Eyesight @panblanco leading 76-70 against @DarkDragonwing at tick #300

Round 2 Status Update

G5 The Peanut @Dysp leading 69-56 against @bythejatz at tick #168