2vs2 Tandem K.O.M battle---who dares to play?


If I read the thread correctly, we have a 2v2 of @HULK and @SuperDave versus @nick.muzzio and @Tr0n - right? Password is “2v2” (or maybe 2x2) - LOL I can’t remember. Which game do you want to play?

Remember that @SuperDave needs to be NEXT to me - doesn’t matter what side unless he prefers a color.


Nice to see @EriccaJonquil pipe in … Obi-Wan says that is a name he has not heard in a long time … but I recall was feared throughout the NP galaxy! :wink:


2nd game, just chatting with @Tr0n to see which one of us gets the yellow spot :-). I noticed you didn’t give that decision to @SuperDave :wink:


HULK always goes green if it is available! :wink:


Well, let me know when ya’ll set up another round…we can see if I make you’re large green mass quiver in fear…if memory serves me correctly it was BB’s Bastards that were to be feared last time we met :wink:


In fact it was you, EJ, who introduced me to the big guy, in that game! How have you been? I too have been on hiatus, but have been lurking in this thread. A team game sounds tempting, especially a 3v, but I have no time for a few weeks. Plus I have forgotten all the technical stuff by now, which would be a severe disadvantage against the Jolly Green Giant!




The HULK will SMASH you gently @wfmcgillicuddy:wink:


Gently? You have two speeds, as I recalll: SMASH and not playing :scream:


Hello long time players who have come back. Would love to get some team games going. :slight_smile:


A team game is long overdue…
…and it’ll good to see some of the “old timers” back in action. :wink:


@Karmadrome you were in that game as well, had forgotten. Came across this link which reminded me. That was a great game, but got a little ugly toward the end.

I completely forget whether the alliance features we were requesting ever got implemented.


For some reason I’ve no memory of this game :wink: but clearly there was some unscrupulous tactics being employed for my team to be in such a poor state!

@wfmcgillicuddy you know me by an earlier alias (now retired aside from the occasional use as @HULK 's punchbag) as well…


Glad to hear from you! It was a needed break after the way the team game went towards the end.
I jumped in a 32 player to refresh on all the technical stuff…it comes back quick enough. My diplomacy skills seem to be a bit rusty, though that may be first game jitters :wink:
A team game with you and Karma would be great fun, win or lose… prefer winning and not being smashed too much! Let us know when you’re up for it and I’ll put the pies in the oven!


Update for the bystanders on the Duo battle…it’s already gotten crazy. @HULK and I went bold and built warp gates for him at the top of the first cycle already so he can battle @nick.muzzio tough. It cost a small fortune. Nick has already countered by building gates of his own! We aren’t even at the end of the 2nd cycle and it’s already a warp fest on half the galaxy :slight_smile:

The diplomacy and team thought and the settings from the 1vs1 matches are making for a fun challenge.


It’s all @SuperDave’s fault … he pointed out and then “encouraged” me to build Warp Gates … even though we had just finished the very first cycle. Next thing you know, @nick.muzzio is doing the same (probably encouraged by his partner @Tr0n) so things have just escalated and gotten out of hand … this is how wars break out! :wink:

It’s was pretty crazy this early on for @nick.muzzio and I to basically blow all our cash on some shiny stars!

Interesting how things turns out and I expect things to just rachet up in the next cycle …


I could definitely be talked into that. Probably not until mid September, though, so don’t wait for me.

Do me a favor and refresh my memory about team mechanics in Triton, if you are playing in a 32. I played Proteus exclusively for the last year or so.

EJ pies. Usually tasty, but often hazardous to my health as I recall.


The game between Hulk and I vs @nick.muzzio and @Tr0n has ended. It got crazy early with warp gates created by just the 24th hour (top of first cycle). This lead to a bit of a back/forth battle. Soon after Hulk made a decisive and surprising attack that knocked out the warp gate chain from Nick’s mother planet. We ended it soon after as it was obvious the advantage was now too great to overcome. Hulk and I still are K.O.M for this duo format.

Are there two other players willing to team up to take us on? It’s a super fun format with team strategizing. Preferably it’s players who can make at leas 1 move per day for sure.

If we can get two challengers, then I believe we should reduce the starting cash down a bit (to eliminate the craziness of warp gates so early since cash can be combined easily----maybe $1500 each vs $2000) plus change the tick jump from 8 hour to 6 to settle things a bit by reducing surprising jumps over opponents front line planets. It’d be more fun to have a longer battle that involves well thought out plans.


Ditto what @SuperDave said that it was a fun/crazy battle … but perhaps a bit too much. Nick clobbered me in a couple of turns, but then a few lucky moves by me (actually suggested my master strategist @SuperDave!) and a win by 1 ship allowed me to cut off his warp gate chain … so I was then able to HULK SMASH his outlying stars.

So yea, I would definitely scale back the starting cash to $1,500/each or even $1,000 as this results in more of a strategic chess match.

6-tick jumps would be better too … but because this is shorter than 8, it would be good to have players who can plan/submit their turns on a timely basis to keep the game moving along.


Let it be known that the champs @HULK & @SuperDave turned down a formal challenge for a 2v2 rematch in the real time format (with sleepy time pauses :yum:) against @nick.muzzio & me.

Best way to “keep the game moving along” though. :wink:

Challenge stands, mates! We played on your home turf. Dare you (or anybody else) to play on ours.


@SuperDave and @HULK, I’m up for the challenge if @Karmadrome or @wfmcgillicuddy can take on a game right now. What’s changed in formal alliance/team games since I disappeared?