64 Player Map Design


Oh, sorry, cycle 26


Not a huge fan of the new layout. It’s just now exciting enough. I think it’s the fact that everyone’s so isolated. You need more neighbors to have a fun game. Also, the people who are in the same sector are way too close. There’s almost no stars. In one game I only got 7 stars for myself and couldn’t reach the rest. I got frustrated and quit.


To expand on the flaws I listed earlier, all 4 sectors are originally isolated, and as a result, they develop wildly different levels of tech and development. This in turn makes some sectors obviously dominant over others, which is no fun to play.
I think the sectors should be moved closer together, so maybe you just have 16 small sectors that are equally spaced.


yeah, I decided i dont like the desing and were going to try the one in this thread ofter the last grid map starts.


I can’t access the game - has is started already?


You should join the Experimental 64 Player Ultra Game. Jay has switched to using the “xjhdexters-quad_flower” map since 2014 OCT.

New games are starting up all the time.


Are we still having fun on this map type? Time for a change yet?


Please check out some of the 64 player maps created in my mapeditor.

If you want to make your own designs, please register and have it a go at http://np2stats.dysp.info/ .


This map editor is cool. !


Any progress on a Toral Map?


I really think you should give a new design a go for a while Jay.
Not only is the current one getting just a tad old, but it is incredibly hard on players in the middle. I speak from experience.

Rainbow Trade Aliance

Yep, we have a plan for a new map. I just need some time to load it up and test it. Perhaps later this week?


That’s great, Jay!


Sorry, I got totally swamped last week and this week is not looking super good either.


Any plans for a new map? It’s been almost a year with the same map and it would be interesting to change it up every now and then so that 64p games get more interesting


I’m taking the new game Blight to Pax Australia in three weeks and will be really rushed until then, but once that is out of the way I’m going to spend a little time on NP and I agree, a new map is needed!


Honestly, people have pretty much figured out this map; every game is pretty much the same. There are basically a few snowballing alliances, and towards the end players from each of the alliances form two giant coalitions that fight it out.

Hopefully you’ll have time to work on this soon.


@xjhdexter what map should we run next? I will set it up next week!


I really do not know . . .

1 A
Jay said that Three Neighbors map 64L was too wide

1 B
That is why he choose Three Neighbors map 64D, which is the quad_flower being played now.

My next suggestion could be Three Neighbors map 64E, which maybe looks like a “pretzel”.

This is a variation of map 64D

I was slowly working on this spiral

Which I think is an unfair map.

I have made slow to little progress with spirals.

The three neighbors maps are based on the concept of fair distances ( 1D ) between neighbors.

I had another concept, which is based on fair defensive areas. ( 2D )
So if two neighbors are a little closer, then a third neighbor should be farther away. So there would be some push and pull between neighbor distances that would be balanced by fair defensive areas.
If there is some shrinkage in one area towards one neighbor, then there should be some expansion in other areas towards another neighbor. The hope is that with fair areas, there is a fair opportunity to scatter random stars.

Just thinking out loud, but I have made little progress with the math.
I have thought about structures found in nature. Spiral galaxies, trees and their branches, rivers meandering down mountains, joining branches in a watershed, etc. . . There often seems to be two or more forces at work to create the curves and branches.

I like maps to be fair. This is difficult to do.

The standard 8 player maps are random hex maps. Randomness is a different kind of unexpected fairness.


What are the maximum dimensions?