AI build bug?


In the attached screenshot, I see that the AI has constructed 3 industry and 1 science at Celaeno. But in the empire view, it still has the original 30/30/4 of the starting position, so it didn’t have those built last tick? That suggests to me that I’m seeing infrastructure in the same tick that it was built…

Note that if it built 3 industry last tick, there would be 11 ships (not the initial 10) at the star, since 3 industry will produce 1.13 ships/tick.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that this screenshot was taken in tick 48, and the player went AI in tick 47 (according to the event log). I’ve never seen this before. I checked with another player, and he can’t see my current builds, so it’s not a general info leakage.

(BTW, I’ve also noticed that my carrier counts don’t visibly increase until the turn runs, even though the econ/ind/sci numbers update as I build.)

New ship problems

Multiple issues going on here. I will try my best to explain each one by one. Please check for my mistakes.

Each tick, either the human player is in control or the AI when the human goes AFK, but never both.

EDIT : Except maybe when the human QUITS, both human and AI might have had control during that tick.

Your game, “Battleship”, is a turn based game with 24 ticks jump.
For this game, Jay may have coded AFK rule to be 48 ticks in this situation.

So the AI took control at tick 48, because at tick 47 it determined that the human stopped breathing.

So the EVENTS message at tick 47 is just Jay’s way of saying that is the final tick for the human. Good Bye !

The FAQ is out-of-date. Read this thread.

On Tick 48, according to my observed sequence of events, in step 8, the AI bought 3 IND + 1 SCI at Celeano.

You must wait until tick 49, my observed sequence of events, in step 3, Celeano will manufacture 1 ship + 0.125 partial ship. Galactic cycles are 16 ticks in your game.

Actual live empire data is not synchorized with snapshot empire data.
I think of this as a fog of war feature.

Read this thread.


Then what you’re saying is that there’s information leakage, since I can’t see any other player’s current-turn builds.


What do you mean by information leakage ?

The information seen from within scan range, might not be updated into the snapshot data on the empire screen.

I suppose the snapshot data is collected before step 8.

I suppose the map data would be slightly more live. Anytime someone makes a step 8 tech trade, and receives scanning tech the map is updated with new scans.

I think carrier orders are probably snapshot data. Other empires could give orders to a orbiting carrier, but I never see those tracks until the next tick.


On your screenshot, Yellow human player icookbabys never changed any orders into his empire, because he never breathed for 47 ticks.

Each star began with 10 ships. Each empire began with 6 stars. At tick 48, empire yellow circle has 600 ships = ( 6 stars ) * 10 ships + 30 IND * ( 5 + manuf tech 1 ) / ( 16 ticks per production ) * 48 ticks. All of this happened on sequence of events step 3, which is before step 8 when AI bought infrastructure.


@LitchfieldEandS ,
So I am guessing that by " information leakage ", you mean that you are able to read AI infrastructure purchases, but not human player infrastructure purchases during the same tick.

I do not know Jay’s intentions, whether this is a feature or a bug, but this would give us human players an unfair advantage over the AI.