Anyone Interested in a 5v5 or some kind of team battle/competition?

mirror with alternating maps is the only way to go IMO, creates a very dynamic game and helps to prevents the regular build up wall thing that happens when you split the map up. So many ways you can play it. Don’t care much about options or RT vs TB, but TB makes for a more engaged game as it usually guarantees everyone’s participation as opposed to some people being “active” and others not. Also if you are doing fixed teams you will have to turn off dark start, but if you want to do random teams dark start on makes it interesting. Just pick a colour and find out who you are playing with! lol

Choice 1 and alternating
original post game settings
Turnbased, if its real time I’ll bow out as the cost (time and sleep) outways the fun

Happy with either map. I think locking weapons makes for some good strategic fun. So, lets go with original post game settings. TB is good for me. Has to be TB or we lose half the crew here I think.

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Ok cool. I think we’re all in agreement that while RT does move faster, most of us prefer TB so we’ll keep it that way so we can hold on to everyone who signed up.

I’m good with either map, but let’s go with circle for this tourney and line for the next?

I also vote single elimination, 3v3 TB will take awhile.

For rules, I vote we have 32 (or 64 if possible), and far homestars, starting with range 2. This usually means there’s more terrain you have to play around, creating more tactical and strategic options. Trade scan turned off obviously. Everything else I’m good with… weaps locker at lv 3 or lv 4.

So what are we waiting on? Is @nick.muzzio able to create maps, or just @HULK? Would love to get this kicked off this weekend!

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So mirror alternating circle maps, dark start off? We’d just need to determine which colors go to each team in the forum, then let the teams decide which player should fill each color. I’m good with that.

That’s a good point on diplomacy! Let’s set it to 66% stars as win condition, and then say the only a victory happens when the other team is completely eliminated or quit. That way we nobody is even able to play the other side since if they win, it wouldn’t count for him.

I can create the maps. Just give me the word

Sweet, thanks. Let’s go for it, if people have problems with the settings that’ll be the quickest way to find out lol.

I’m easy and have only mild preferences for anything. Feels like some people are very strongly in favour of TB so absolutely keep that.

Like Kaine, I’m good for whatever. No strong preferences

Would rather only have to create the maps once :slight_smile: So we need 4x 3vs3 maps correct?

What’s your estimate of when we could start the first round?

Just 2 3x3 maps for now, the two winning teams will need a new map once the first games are over though. Thanks again!

game 1: yellow/cyan/green vs blue/orange/red

Game 2:red/green/yellow vs cyan/blue/orange

I Pm’d @TheLastHero the password to give out to all the players.

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That first map is a bit “hole’y” in the middle … but boy, that 2nd one got some great clumping of stars in the middle which should allow for some great king-of-the-hill battles among all players!

Thank you!

Thank you @nick.muzzio!

Hang tight folks I’m putting this together. When I get to my lunch break in a few minutes I’ll post it.