Anyone Interested in a 5v5 or some kind of team battle/competition?

Thanks for organising lads. My vote is for real time, but I know Karmadrome and others would prefer TB so Im easy either way.

By the way, does anyone know how to change your forum name? Cant work it out?

circular with alternating players would be brutal, assuming you arent in scan range with any of your allies for a long time :grimacing:

I agree, alternating would be hardcore

Circle + alternating is cool, @wfmcgillicuddy, @plug and I have had recent experience of it. It has to have trade scan disabled of course otherwise it would be crazy…

Here’s a sample map. I made a few and the order of colors is random each time. So to alternate we’d probably have to start with dark disabled?

It’s better if mirrored

Yup. I can’t make mirror maps though.

so let me get this straight. We are in favor of a mirrored circle 3v3 map?

I am here

I’ll play either, I’d prefer a line vs line though.

My username is @ramrod

I believe @nick.muzzio can create mirrored maps. Perhaps he can supply us with maps, or at least the settings?

Don’t mind making them, but I believe the largest mirror map I can make is 8 player.

Also I will join team 4 if they need a 3rd still

Hi @nick.muzzio it’s 3v3 so no problems there

Reply below my message on which type of map you want
Choice 1: Mirrored circle map. Either you spawn alternating spots down the circle, or you spawn 3 on one side and 3 on the other.
Choice 2: Mirrored lined setup. Looks like a 6 pack of soda. 3 on an even top line and 3 on an even bottom line mirrored on each side. (we can decide exactly what we do after we get a map)

Now also choose between game settings
Choice 1: The game settings I put in the original post, (with the locked exp and weps etc)
Choice 2: or custom settings in which we can talk about.

Lastly, time settings
Choice 1: Turnbased (if so how many ticks per move)
Choice 2: Real time (if so, at what speed)

Type of map: Choice 1
Game settings: No preferences, never really played with custom settings
Time settings: No strong preference, I would prefer real time

I think a lot of us joined on the basis that this was turn based, so not too keen to go over this again.
If there is a preference among some players to be real time, then maybe just ditch this tourney idea and have a couple of informal team games RT & TB…

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Mirrored circle alternating with @nick.muzzio settings, TB please

Turn based.

Fine with either map option. Perhaps try both, depending on time frame? Is this a single or double elimination tourney?

I like hulk’s settings with locked weaps, but i like the default settings as well. No reason to do trade scan enabled, just causes unnecessary pain. I would also maybe choose the cheapest tech trading option since there is the understanding that we are joining as a team.

I also think it should be clear that this is primarily a strategy based game type, so no diplomacy with the other team other than courtesy and razzing :slight_smile: right?