Blight? Blight. Blight!

Jay, when you get blight up and running for testing, will you be using this forum for it, or another one?

Yes, will be using this one.

I’m working very hard to get the game in front of players in December. It’s been a difficult project and I’m a little behind where I want to be but I think its starting to come together.

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Is there a way to create custom games in the old version until the new version is ready for testing? We’re playing turn based games here at work but noticed that we can’t buy premium/set up turn based games of Blight right now.

If you email me I can fix you up with some premium, they you can create games.


Alpha next week I hope. I’ll make a new MP map soon and invite the most brave of you to come and help find bugs.

Like this one.

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I can’t wait, I’d love to help test it!

I’d also like to be involved with testing, Jay.

That spider is just like the sweet pets that my friend keeps. A little bleach will clean that wet floor right up.

Tiffany is the one to beware of.

If I still remember correctly . . .

Very cool! You can count me in if you need testers.

The game in not very fun right now. There are a few issues to work out, so if you are interested in game design and would like to help turn a not very fun game into something better please send me your email address.

If you would rather just wait a few months and actually enjoy the game and get the full experience, it might be best to wait.

pm sent.

How is the development on Blight going, Jay?
I am getting more and more curious about that game.

Sorry for the lack of update, things have been moving much slower the anticipated.

I’m still struggling to make the choices in the game really compelling and interesting.

Right now the core of the game is working fine I think. The zombies grow, they move randomly, and there are some interesting choices around what armies you should recruit and where you should move them to.

Deploying heroes, and using their powers is not as interesting as it could be I think so I have been making some changes there. I was trying to keep the game simple and only allowing a 2 card hand size, but I think I might increase that to 5 so you have more choices about what heroes to deploy and when.

I also have some problems around the games economy at the moment where it just not interesting to try and improve your cities.

I really want you guys to join the private alpha and help me sort out these issues.

I just want to get some solution in for each of the known problems, and then I will have a new version for the alpha testers to look at.

I would love to test Blight, let me know how I can help.

yup, I can test also if you want.

Thanks guys, I have added your email address to the list of alpha testers. I hope to start some more alpha testing late this week or early next week. Keep an eye on your inbox.


If you have room, I have time, and I love testing.

Great thanks @cptcrackers. Have we chatted in enail before? Please email me with the email address you would like to login with and I will add you to the list of people able to login.