Do you play the 64 Player Games and why?


For context it’s worth quoting the original post from the other thread here.


I have set it up to be a random selection of these three maps for now.

I was looking for a 32 player spiral but couldn’t find one that worked in the forum archives.

Agains special thanks to @xjhdexter and @Dysp for these maps.


That 2nd map looks very cool!
Do I fight to the middle or take advantage of those fighting to the middle? Hmm…


First 32 map is up - join up, ya bums!


While I like the 32s with fresh maps will be a nice change and accomplish the “fill up games faster goal”, premo players can already make a custom 32 game.

I don’t want to see the 64 completely disappear though, cuz as @Brand mentioned, it’s the most challenging mode. There is so much variability from game to game and wild west swings of power etc.

There seems to be a number of regulars that mainly play and enjoy the 64 games. If not offering them both concurrently, maybe put the 64 in the rotation at least.


Hey @Tr0n thanks for the feedback. Its hard for me to know what everybody likes so I appreciate you taking the time to come and make some notes. I’m sure there are other players that feel the same way.

I think the 32 player games will offer very similar shifts in power. I’ve push the stars per player up to 24 (from 16) and the victory is 50% again. I hope the diplomacy will be very similar, but the game play will be better.

Lets give it a try for a few months and see how the games play out. The 64 player code is all still there so it would be very easy to turn back or put them in the rotation if we decide they are better.

Private Match Changes? 16 Player Cap

The 64 player games are missed. It was a very challenging very fun scene.


I had to come over to see what had happened to the 64 Player games…I used to enjoy at least always being a part of one…

Be very sad if they no longer are being run


I am also missing the 64 player games. I also do not feel the conqueror badge should be awarded for a galaxy half as big. I am enjoying the 32, but not at the cost of the 64. It’s my understanding hosting power is possible a source of concern? What would be needed to resolve that? More users/memberships/badges? I am certain we could make some sort of fundraiser if so :slight_smile:


I only play 64 player and tournaments.

I’m interested in a more diverse option rotation though. Varying the start resources and settings. Plus I’d like to see 66% win requirements, some 64 players still, and more tournaments.


It is a shame to learn the 64 games are gone.

Is there really no way to get them back? Such as setting them up as bimonthly events?

More options would be nice overall, especially for custom maps. Those epic galaxies were truly something, back in the day when they were still a thing…


Still missing the 64p games …


I am also disappointed with the new circle 32 game maps. Getting to the centre is too key a strategy now that if you have the link to the middle you get a huge advantage (and some players have NO chance to get there). Also not happy about people getting the 64 badge for winning the much easier 32 player games. I thought there were talks of having a 64 every once in a while??


In my opinion circular 32 map is the best (of the worst :wink: ). There is big advantage for whoever gets to center first, but that advantage shouldn’t be decisive, if others are not sleeping. Terrain configuration is a lot different in center and on sides, and that creates some dynamics. Other thing with those maps is that, presumably, there are quite a few positions on the map, where you could see your neighbor before game start. Personally, I like (small) anomalies in NP, they bring us closer to real life situations, but I am not sure about this one :slight_smile:.
Thing about badges stands too, it’s not the same thing, so badges should differ.
But most importantly, bring us back 64 games, please. If there are any technical issues, maybe community could help, let us know please.


I haven’t been an active player in years, so my input may not be so valuable. I am, however, playing my first game in… I don’t remember how long.

Anyway, back when I used to play regularly, (2013-2014), I almost exclusively played 64 player games.
The reasons were that players = more opportunity for friendship or backstabbing (at least, less chance that someone is already teamed up with someone else) and also, to a lesser extent, since (at the time, at least) there were often large number of people who dropped out of the games quickly (eg due to a bad start/bad starting position) and in 64p games, there was always a larger chance that lots of people would stick around.


Sorely missing 64p maps. 32p is just not the same.

Strategy and commitment now makes the time spent on my badge feel a bit wasted… But honestly 64p is just super epic and Id like to go for a few again!


When is the 64 format coming back?? To be honest I hate the 32 format. If 64’s puts a lot of pressure on the server or it’s just some financial/business issue then how about this idea,

The server starts only one 64 game every month?? Like set a date ( ex; 1st of every month) when a 64 game opens and when it gets filled then other people must wait for a 64 match starting at the next month.

Or another idea is, we simply don’t get a 64 match until the current one finishes. I hope IHG can just spare us only 1 64 game at a time. There could be an option of seeing the stats of the ongoing 64 match so the players can speculate when the next 64 game is gonna start up.

Just some ideas/recommendation. I’m not the only one who is very upset and missing the 64’s. I hope the authorities ( @JayKyburz and his assistance) will give some attention here and give it a thought.

Sorry if my tone were a bit rude. Thank you for your attention.


So, after playing a few more games since my last post above, I have to say… I really REALLY miss the 64p games, to the point where I’ll probably only play the occasional Proteus game and no others unless they come back. I don’t enjoy the 32p or less games that much compared to the 64p games. (I would LOVE a 64p proteus game…)

Please please please bring back 64p games @JayKyburz, even if just occasionally on rotation.


Guess what? Still missing the 64p games … The reasoning behind throttling THE grand event, IMHO, was flawed … added to which I feel it only fair to give those (hi Pentangle :rofl:) who want revenge the chance …


Even if they are dead, I am one to beat a dead horse long after it has decayed.

I think it is obvious from this thread how popular 64’s are and how they ought to be returned. The sooner the better.