Private Match Changes? 16 Player Cap


As a lifetime premium member, I was surprised to see today that I can no longer start games with over 16 players? My school has been establishing a long tradition of Neptune’s pride, and we have a large enough following of local players that we have established regular 24 player games for almost a year straight. Now, I can no longer start these games for my school… Is there any chance it could be reestablished?


It should be noted, I started a 24 player game ~30 days ago, so this change is rather new.


This change coincided with the removal of the regular 64 player games. See this thread for details.

Changes between 5th-25th July:

  • 64 Player games are replaced with a rotation of several different Ultra 32 player maps. (different home star layouts)
  • Max players for custom games reduced from 32 to 16.
  • The conqueror badge is now rewarded for winning Ultra games.
  • Help files modified with above changes. A few typos fixed.
  • Proteus combat results now show winning player colour.

It’s possible there’s a way around the changes to maximum player count, I’ve not tested it, but I’d much rather the change comes from @JayKyburz. Maybe a maximum star count would be a better restriction. Jay’s not yet commented on why the change to custom games was made, I assume it’s because there are performance issues with really large games.


Hey, I just replied to @Jsd789 via email. (he mailed me as well.)

I’m happy to create a special game for his school group as needed. Offer applies to anybody else. You just need to email me.


Thanks Jay, I replied to your email. May I suggest re-adding the 24/32 player options, and instead providing a “Very Tiny” star count setting with 5 or 6 stars per player? Nobody wants a 200+ star map anyway in this small pocket of New York players that love NP :slight_smile:


Have you guys tried Proteus yet?

I’m playing a Triton game again after a while off and I think I much prefer Proteus now.

Perhaps I can make you a Proteus Game next time?

I will make your game as per your email now.


Sure, we’d love to give it a go for our next game!


I play Neptune’s Pride because I want to. The latest, unhappy changes keep devaluing the investment in RL$ that I have put into this game… reassignment of the Conqueror badge will tick off, rightly, the 64p holders … and restrictions to creating a 16p game cap is indefensible…

I love this game, but after spending $211 over 5 years and being on the end of summary changes I have no input to is getting me fed up…