Dueling 1v1 tournament with Mirror'ed EPIC map


I am in!


Thanks for putting this together @HULK U DA BES


I have posted the first round pairings here.

Again, while all 16 spots are taken, I suspect we’ll have someone drop, so if you want to be an alternate, please add your name to this thread. If you aren’t selected, I’ll put you first on the list for the next tournament.


Thank you @HULK!!! I very much appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this to get it going :slight_smile:


Agreed, thank you @HULK, Great job. Hope I don’t have to wait 48h for @AnnanFay to have a turn though :wink:


Thanks @HULK. Hopefully we meet in this tournament (finals) and we can see who wins the tie breaker now that we’ve kicked each others’ butts one time each!


@Rodel has joined and thanks to some quick play we are two cycles in. I started with more science than him, rushing mfg then terra. He started with terra, no second tech yet. Even in stars for now.


pretty damn fun format @HULK!


Thanks for all the effort you put into this @HULK this is really fun


Glad it’s working out well for everyone.
And cool to hear about different approaches to winning.
Please post in the round1 thread.

@Grunter - Yea, would love to battle you in the Finals … or @SuperDave - I “owe” both you guys some HULK SMASHING!!!


With weapons locked, it’d be nice to not have experimentation land on weapons so often :confused:


That’s something you have to ask Jay about … add you name to the list! :wink:

I don’t feel as strongly about it as I feel in the real world, scientists do research that just doesn’t pan out. But yea, it sucks when it happens … and especially in a 1v1 game, it is a bit unfair if you get some of these.


I’d be fine with a chance reduction, not eliminating it completely, but when it seems you hit it more than anything else it kind of sucks.

On a lighter note, I’m currently winning my match, I think going for range first really helped out. Still anyones game, but less pressure when you’re a few stars up