Dueling 1v1 Tournament with Mirrored Maps


With time zones, I think we need to give players at least 24 hours to join. But yea, if for some reason they aren’t able to, then if we have someone ready to play - like @Krym - then I would suggest we invite them.


amazing, keeping myself in this loop then. thank you.


I messaged HipsterFleet in the Dark Quicky game and he replied 3 hours ago saying he would join the game, still waiting on him though, since he replied 3 hours ago, should we wait another 21 hours?


Any more space? I’m rusty as hell so it will only be a short game :stuck_out_tongue:


I joined my game, still waiting on Sir to join


So looking at the games, here’s how they appear to be progressing.

Bracket #1:
@HipsterFleet versus @MurasakiNoKaze - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5001627598848000
Waiting on Hipster - 4/7 UPDATE: Game has started
@nick.muzzio versus @SuperDave - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5867698090409984
This guys are full-on battling already!

Bracket #2:
@Fafa_power versus @Hulk - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6633704031256576
We have started but not moving as fast
@SirPrized22 versus @TheLastHero - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6249332778205184
Waiting on SirPrized22 - 4/7 UPDATE: Krym took SirPrized22’s spot

I’d say lets give 'em 12-18 more hours to join … and if not, we have @Krym and @LDG (long time, no see!) who can step in if they don’t.


Jeez, they’d better join soon or Karmadrome will be back online to kick some butt.


As always, nice to hear from your @Karmadrome and I remember you saying you’d be interested in participating in the 1v1 tournament, but RL was particularly busy for you right now.

@HipsterFleet has joined his game, so we are just waiting for @SirPrized22 … but I’ll put you third on the “alternate” list in case someone is not able to play.

Assuming this works out well, I’ll do another tournament (and post to this thread when/if I do) … be great to have you join us … although I hope we don’t get paired in the first round as you are formidable foe!


@HULK I’m on my hols at the moment and not able to participate, but keeping an eye on things :wink:
Shame really as I’m in the US so we’d finally be in a similar timezone :grin:

GL all in the tourney.


We’re off, Hipster and I employing very different strategies
This should be interesting


@SuperDave and I are almost the same exact strategies. Our map feels like a knife fight, but with one hand tied to each other. So yeah you can do damage but so can they! lol


had to wait 24hrs to type a reply :slight_smile: but keeping eyes here and standingby for orders.


Sent you a PM that you can jump in for @SirPrized22 and looks like you have joined the game … so we have all of 'em running now!


Yessir. second turn now and aim to open a can of woop :slight_smile: giving heck now! how official is this we doing?


because i aim to win!


@nick.muzzio are you getting your backside kicked again :wink:


your watching the wrong game, actions here in me and Hero’s game :slight_smile: watch this space for all time action.


wait nvm. you cant watch it seems


FYI that I started a new thread to discuss the Round #1 games here …


Here is the new thread about the 1v1 EPIC final battle.