Guilds! Guilds! Guilds!

What about “School of Space Overlords”?

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School of Space Scoundrels?

@Satan_II This is Tagma from Alpha Mothallah, I’m ready to get a guild game going. Someone pitched Satanic Brotherhood as a name, which works for me.

@Alex , we’re up and running mate, I’ll invite you into a PM

@Arth just a quickie.

Would it be worth having a ‘game name’ column in your database, as (mine as an example) mine will be nothing to do with my True Alias. I just think it would be a good idea to know who to have to watch out for before you even start playing. Say we play a team tha Rosslessness sets up, and he personally hasn’t lost one and has a 5 star teamwork rating, it would be good to know that he needs to be pressured hardest. (This would also give him more of a challenge)

@Satan_II, I will leave this to be decided by the Guilds when setting-up the match. I think some Guilds may be interested in not revealing who is who.

You made me think about some anonymity setting: it would have 3 levels:

  1. The True Alias and Alias shows on the Battles Table.
  2. Only the True Alias shows on the Battles Table.
  3. The True Alias is hidden on the Battles Table until the finish of the game.

What do you think?

@Rosslessness I’d like to join!

Each clan having their own anonymity setting, rather than a generic one? Not sure. I think something like that should be forced, either 1 or 2, personally.

Tomorrow I will set this up.

@Satan_II, It would be not per Guild, but per match. The Guilds discuss which setting the match will have. Well, let’s see how this thing will work out when we have matches. Besides you, I don’t even know how people feel about it.

Did you discussed with your Commanders?

@Arth I haven’t, as recent talks about game preferences are taking the forefront, but I will make sure I ask the question.

Yeah!! I’ve had some interest off forum as well, so do I update the spreadsheet?


@Rosslessness, just send the e-mail with info for the Guild and it’s Commanders.

@Rosslessness how’s the creation going for you? Still not got round to doing it?

I’m at a WW2 wedding and then in Portugal. My current time available is going to be nil for the next ten days or so. Apologies.

@Rosslessness: No hurry, don’t worry!

We got the first Guild Match ended. @Rosslessness, @Floydian and @Camelorn, are you up for the challenge?

@Alex, still interested? You could create your own Guild and invite commanders, or maybe ask to join one of the existing ones.


I’d be interested in joining a guild but I don’t know where to start

I am still searching the halls of Space School for it’s elusive predestined leader @Rosslessness

Congrats for that first game, by the way!

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Good job to the guys at Mostly Harmless, they blew us out of the water completely. I wish luck to anyone that tries to disrupt the larva :wink:

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