If NO Tech in game, AI should not build Science

So I’m in this NP game that has crazy parameters … if 24-tick jumps wasn’t enough, Weapons are LOCKED at ONE … which means with thousands of ships now on the board, it’s extremely costly to attack with the 2-for-1 defensive bonus.

And oh yeah, the game creator was even more diabolical and locked ALL Techs!

So clearly there is no reason to build Science … although I have almost done so out of habit several times.

But the AI’s are building Science … even though it is, of course, completely worthless.

So just filing a bug report for Jay to consider handling this corner case by adding a check to the AI code such that if NO Techs are researchable, do NOT build Science.


Lol, that sounds like a crazy game alright.

This is a custom game though. Wouldn’t there be too many what ifs to make this viable. What if only range was unlocked, but capped at level 5. It would probably take a lot of work to make it dynamic for a case by case situation.