KING OF THE HILL - don't believe?


#The game has ended!
Thanks all participants for being guinea pigs!
The final score and more statistics is here.

Team 1 @LDG
Team 2 @wfmcgillicuddy
Team 3 @eDave
Team 4 @JayKyburz
Team 5 @msteiner9876

These are the team captains. Ask them for the game password.

#Don’t forget to use team names!

[size=10]Thanks to @jongrantham for the map design.[/size]

Every hour, an automated script checks the ownership of few selected stars. Teams gain points for those. The winner will be decided after 29 cycles and 27 ticks (the 30th cycle).

Teams consist of 3 players.


1) Trading only within teams.

2) It is forbidden to capture enemy’s home star.

[size=12]Attacking enemy homeworlds is discouraged, unless the attacker knows exactly what he is doing - like when you have EVERY star around the home world and you want to cut down the numbers.[/size]

[size=12]If the defender purposely sends all his ships away to let the attacker capture it, there should be a discussion about following steps within warring teams and the player or his team should reacquire the homeworld back. The player alone, who let his homeworld fall into enemy hands BY PURPOSE, should be banished and his teammates should get the world instead.[/size]

[size=12]If you capture enemy homeworld, you must leave and abandon it ASAP. You must withdrawn all ships and allow the enemy team to retake the star without a fight.[/size]

3) Formal alliances are encouraged,

but not enforced. It’s up to anyone to decide when is the right time.
(You will potentially need it to be able to support your allies with ships.)

4) Everything what isn’t written here is allowed and encouraged.

If you are not sure, ask in the hangout or here.

5) The rules listed here are subject to change or specify after suggestions and discussion with players.

*note that the game does not actually support the rules I listed. It’s up to players, so please… let’s enjoy the game!

There is a group hangout for this game, to invite you I’ll need your gmail address. Add me to your circles, write me to and I will invite you.
-> my G+ profile.

Once I invite you, you will find the invitation in hangouts/menu.
If you have never used hangouts before, you must open gmail. The hangouts controls are then at bottom left or bottom right corner.

This is “hangouts extension” for chrome. It’s cool, sometimes annoying, but still cool…
Chrome webstore - Hangouts extension

#King of the Hill API


  • visit the link just like that and you get the scoreboard
  • add ?html to obtain a html input-ready code and a JSON
  • add ?json to obtain a JSON
  • add ?stars and you get the JSON of hill star ownership through the whole game
  • or you can even specify a tick range ?stars&ticks=<range>

<range> can be

x     to get specific tick
x-    from x
-x    to x
x-y   from x to y
      empty for all

for example /koth-api.php?stars&ticks=72-73

*I will soon create a bookmarklet to display the score right in game.

##Registered: [size=10](max 15, 0 slots open)[/size]
✓☑ Qwerty Vitezslav F.
✓☑ JayKyburz
✓☑ MajorAwesome Andrew F.
✓☑ MattS Matt s.
✓☑ LDG Amanda L.
✓☑ wfmcgillicuddy Brian B.
✓☑ jesse_a_sutherland Jesse S.
✓☑ Arth Arthur L.
✓☑ Golden_Ace Chuck K.
✓☑ eDave Dave G.
✓☑ russbirchall Shrike Russell B.
✓☑ Satan_II James D.
✓☑ Sjeng Jules v.H.
✓☑ garrisonseeber Moop Harry S.
✓☑ msteiner9876 steiner116 M Steiner
✓☑ Sekoms

✓ … has team
✗ … doesn’t have team

:ballot_box_with_check: … is in hangout
☐ … is not in hangout?

The password will be revealed once teams are set and we are ready to join!
Teams will be set according to preferences (if any).

TEAM1 “Trekkies

  • LDG, Golden Ace, Matt

TEAM2 “Sherpas

  • wfmcgillicuddy, Arth, Qwerty


  • eDave, Satan_II, russbirchall


  • JayKyburz, Sjeng, MajorAwesome


  • Jesse S., steiner, Sekoms

Team names

I suggest we use a united string for teams. It worked well in the other team game we played.

team_name player_name

Valid team names can contain a team tag
BEAST Dale, BEAST Lady ButtFly

or utilize a title or a profession in a clever way
Baker Tom, Protestant Amy

This game…

Please note that this setting is experimental. If it doesn’t work, we may adjust it and remake the game.

"King Of The Hill" game mode

sign me up


I’m in, looks Awesome. Though I don’t have a team…




Sign me up! Sounds cool. But why can’t we take enemy hw?


Because it is overpowered.

It’s part of the mechanics. If you want to have enemy stars, you must keep the pressure. It also gives them a chance to continue.

Thinking of that, they are probably overpowered way too much. I will remake the map before we start. Also the positioning of key stars is not exactly how I wanted.


I’m in!


Very cool idea!


I was longing for a match like that!


I’ve set up a group hangout for people from this game, if you are not in, write me to


Sign me up if I’m not too late.


Sign me up if there’s still room. Thanks, Shrike


I have added you to the hangout. Did you accept the invitation?


So, does anyone here have a team preference?

I suggest we use a united string for teams. It worked well in the other team game we played.

team_name player_name

Valid team names can contain a team tag
BEAST Dale, BEAST Lady ButtFly

or utilize a title or a profession in a clever way
Baker Tom, Protestant Amy


Have not received invitation to the Hangout yet. At least I can’t find it. email is Thanks and sorry.


Golden Ace, Matt, and I would like to be in a team. Witty name tbc.


@LDG noted. :smile:


Do you have a team yet? In other words What awesome name should our team use???! :smiley:


I’ll join! It makes sense to put me and eDave together seeing as we’re guild mates!


Who is going to me on my team. Ive got some good cheat codes for us.


lol I was always curious whether you were tempted to “tweak” the database while you were playing :wink: