May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - AnnanFay is the winner!


Sorry. I have a visitor over so haven’t been able to get online much. Will be able to commit much faster from mid-day tomorrow (UTC).


ALL: Glad to hear that some good carnage going on and appreciate the update. Nice to see the games are moving along quickly … be awesome if we are able to finish all the 1st round games within 2 weeks.

@AnnanFay - doesn’t your friend understand that the fate of the galaxy depends on you making timely moves?!? Seriously, this is a good example of why I did the 48-hour submit time … since while I presume most people will make timely submits, every once in a while something will keep you busy in RL … which actually is more important than NP. Enjoy your weekend with your friend.


HULK needs to receive 16 (= 15 + HULK) true aliases, so he can send email to ask Jay to distribute “Tournament Competitor” badges.


Would we post the true Aliases here or send HULK a pm?


I hadn’t through about the “Tournament Competitor Badge”, but sure, I can send everyone’s name to Jay for him to consider. If your NP true alias is different than your Forum Name, then go ahead and send me a PM about it.

P.S. Just got note from @nick.muzzio that he has won his game against @NUC … so I have updated the first post to show the results and he will play the winner of @Rodel and @TheLastHero - looks like the later is ahead in that game.

PPS. The knock-down, drag-out fight appears to be between @Karmadrome and @SuperDave - those guys appear to be dead-even. I imagine it’s like two heavy-weight prize fighters circling each other … each making probing attacks, but looking to deliver a major punch! Several other games look close also, but they don’t appear to be as far along.


May the stars favor those still in the tournament!


True Alias is “Grunter”.


I’ll do the badges when you’re all done.


Mine is “SonOfBlob”


Actually I’d prefer SonOfBlob to be my name on the Forum as well. I must have entered the other name by mistake when I joined. Can’t see how to change it, can you help?


I just have to say this…

participation trophy badges for everyone??..What? “I AM HULK(!) Fear my participation trophy badge!” No. Imo, that’s just wrong. This is Neptune Pride. You win or you get wiped out. This is our game of war we all play. I can see the winner of the tournament getting a trophy badge, but everyone else who LOST should just get a “nice try, maybe next time” message.


My game with @Rodel has finished and I pulled out the victory after 9 cycles. He fought hard and played a great game, but my early investment in science helped me to get mfg early and pull ahead in ship count later on. Good game Rodel!


@TheLastHero played a great game and took the win, this was a super fun format and I hope to join more tourneys. Good luck vs NickMuzzio mate!


@SuperDave, u get participant when you participate, then you get the winner badge when you win. Probably not great to have a bunch of participant badges and no win though after some point lol.


Wasn’t sure you were going to join @Rodel, but glad we got you on-board and appreciate both of you moving the game along.

I have updated the first post to show @TheLastHero as the winner and yes, he’ll face @nick.muzzio in the quarter-finals. Rather than start this up now, lets give the other games a bit of time to catch up.

I’m also chatting with Jay about the possibility of being able to setup the exact same game for all to play, which I think would be pretty wild.


Yeah I like that @HULK, but others who skip ahead in their game might give tips to others in the tournament.


Yea, we’d have to be on scout’s honor not to share info. But I think it would be pretty cool for all players to battle on the same galaxy … maybe even a DARK one! :wink:

But TBD to see if Jay can work his code magic to enable this.


Only problem with having us all on one map, is that what if one person opens his match while everyone else is still playing there is. He gets to sit there with double the stars accumulating tons of ships while everybody else is still dukeing it out losing ships.

Unless I misunderstand what you mean by us all on one map.


It will still be 1v1 maps … but the maps would be identical. This also would help me in setup since I’d better be able to come up with a “wild” map and multiple disparate points of conflict.

Along those lines, it looks like @Karmadrome and @SuperDave might be “stuck” since they can do a WW1 trench-warfare faceoff.


Update after 7 cycles: Here is our map.

We are dead even on planets. Ship count is just 50 difference. My thought (and I’ve asked @Karmadrome if he agrees) is we need to start again with a galaxy that forces more conflict. We have so many ships parked on our borders now that it’s not worth it to attack and lose hundreds of ships for no gain.

The same galaxy map for all participants in the future would be awesome. If it could be done as a dark galaxy that would be even better.