May/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

This is a very intense and enjoyable battle. @HULK holds the lead, but is it a close one. Space debris everywhere, it’s gonna take the galactic refuse corp a long time to clean up after this…

Ditto what @Karmadrome … lots of galactic garbage … and the tension just ratchets up each turn … as there are battles on all sides and the center.

I made a mistake recently and @Karmadrome pounced on it. Although he just made a bold move to try to take out a key WG of mine … and I’m fortunately going to be able to defend … so that’s going to reduce the difference in ship count. Note that the idea of the large galaxies is if you make a mistake (and you will - we both have), you can come back from it.

So while I do have a slight lead, I have to be very, very, very careful against a determined foe!

Damn this sounds fun, I’ve never played a 1v1 it looks interesting!

I’ve just conceded, so @HULK is victorious.
It was a ferocious game, that came down to very fine margins. There were very few mistakes and lot’s a carnage! @HULK managed to snaffle two groups of larger stars early in the game and this meant I was always playing catch-up, but I’m sure @HULK would agree that the result was in doubt until the very end when I had to take a few risks to claw back the advantage. Sadly (for me) those risks didn’t pay off…
Congrats to @HULK

After 13 cycles (324 ticks), the HULK did emerge victorious, but very bloodied.
It was a GREAT battle and yes, could have easily gone the other way until the very end.

My early investment in Warp Gates paid off (this time!) despite it putting me behind in infrastructure. It’s cool that different approaches can be used … and @Karmadrome’s investment in Econ/Indy/Science was a very viable strategy. I was BARELY able to defend those two groups of juicy stars (often by just one ship) and made some lucky guesses.

We agree that having Cheap Science seems to work well and believe the overall game params are quite good for some great carnage.

I’m traveling a bit for the next two weeks … but after, I might fire up another tournament in July.