May/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

The last 1v1 tournament was a while ago … so figured time for some more mano-mano carnage! :wink:

Same setup as before with the following mods from default params:
Weapons start at Level3 and are LOCKED (whoever gets W4 first has a too-big-of advantage)
Experimentation is LOCKED at Level1 and Manufacturing is Expensive to Research
EPIC (64 stars/player) Galaxy with Far Distances
HomeStar is 20/20/4 rather than 5/5/1
Starting Cash is $2,000 (don’t spend it all at once, but lots of carriers to expand is recommended)
You start with ONE star that has 50 ships
The Map is MIRRORED … so you each have IDENTICAL starting positions.
Real-time games favor those who are willing to forgo sleep, so the play is turn-based SIX ticks/turn … although if Jay enables smaller ticks per this thread, we may try 3 ticks/turn.

NOTE: I think we’ll try Cheap Science this time to see if that balances out the Indy-Fest.

Since this is an EPIC map, it will take a while to play out … please do NOT sign up if you can’t commit to AT LEAST a move/day … ideally a couple/day to keep things moving along. Note that you are allowed 48 hours to submit which is to take care of the (hopefully very rare) situation where something comes up in RL and you can’t submit in a day. Since it is 1v1, there is no diplomacy (except razzing your opponent!) and with turn-based, if you are the 2nd person to submit (and advance the turn), then please try to make your subsequent moves and hit that SUBMIT button! :wink:

Hopefully we can keep things moving along so people aren’t delayed, but (assuming players start at about the same time), lets try to keep it to one month for any game/round but if everyone else finishes, then you have a week (and at least 2 cycles) to finish. Winner decided by most stars with tiebreaker being most ships. Stalling to win by time is lame (in NP and any sport), so please don’t abuse the time limits. Most of the tournament games finished in 2 weeks, so hopefully we can move along at a similar pace. I just don’t want people to have to wait around too long and lose interest.

If “something” comes up, the Tournament Director (that would be the Jolly Green Giant aka the Rule-Miester!) will attempt to make the fairest decision that benefits the most people. Sorry for all the fine-print legalese!

Please reply here in this thread if you’d like to join in on the carnage (and can commit to keep the games moving along) and I’ll setup the tournament!

We got 8! I did a sort-by-name length for a semi-random tournament brackets:
1a: @HULK vs @Axson - game link - HULK WIN (finished quick so added @TheLastHero)
1a: @Hulk vs @TheLastHero - game link - HULK WIN
1b: @BelSon vs @Jetset - game link - BelSon WIN
1c: @bythejatz vs @SonOfBlob - game link - SonOfBlob WIN
1d: @Karmadrome vs @MalcolmReynolds - game link - Karmadrome WIN
Note: Forgot to set Manu to expensive in first round games, but players were OK with that.

2a: @HULK vs @BelSon - game link - HULK WIN
2b: @SonOfBlob vs @Karmadrome - game link - Karmadrome WIN

Championship: @HULK vs @Karmadrome - game link - HULK WIN

Sign me up!

And me thanks

I’ll give it a crack!

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I’m game!

Bumping as it would be nice to get three more players to we have an even eight for the tournament …

Go on then, I’ll give it a try. :confused:

I tried to stay out of this, but… count me in @HULK

So we’ve got 7 signed up:
@HULK - @MalcolmReynolds - @SonOfBlob - @bythejatz - @Axson - @Jetset - @Karmadrome
Just need ONE more and we’ll get started …

Yeah, ok. Sign me up. Let’s see what I can do…

We got 8! I did a sort-by-name length for a semi-random tournament brackets:
1a: @HULK vs @Axson - game link
1b: @BelSon vs @Jetset - game link
1c: @bythejatz vs @SonOfBlob - game link
1d: @Karmadrome vs @MalcolmReynolds - game link

2a: Winner of 1a vs 1b
2b: Winner of 1c vs 1d

Championship: Winner of 2a vs 2b

Unless anyone has any objections, I’ll give it a day, and then setup the first round games so we can start on May 1st. Thanks for playing … and good luck … except against the Jolly Green Giant! :wink:

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FYI in case any noticed that I forgot to set Manu to be expensive to research in those first round games. However, I did PM the participants and everyone seemed OK with that. Will try to remember to do that on the second round games.

Damnit I just missed it. If anyone drops out I’ll be the alternate.

@Axson and I truly had a “Fast and Furious” game … pretty cool thing about turn-based is that it can go basically as fast as the players want it go to. At the end, I prevailed … but since we got done so quick and @TheLastHero wanted to play, I asked if he wanted to be my secondary opponent (victim!) so we have fired up a game here.

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I will join in if it makes things easier, even numbers and all.

Actually, 8 is a perfect number … so I’d say lets keep you on standby Nick in case anyone has to drop.

Pretty impressed how fast the games are moving along - hope everyone is having some fun with the carnage. And let me know how it plays out with any suggestions for changes in params.

@MalcolmReynolds has just conceded in our 1st round game. I managed to get into a fairly early lead which @MalcolmReynolds was unable to claw back. Good game, now onto the next round…

Thanks for the update and I have updated the first post to reflect those results.

@TheLastHero and I are in tick #84 of our game and it’s been a full-on brawl and with both sides swinging for all they are worth with very little defensive hunkering down.

@BelSon is up 68-54 stars over @Jetset at tick #96.

@SonOfBlob is up 90-72 stars over @bythejatz at tick #300.

@SonOfBlob has just defeated @bythejatz at tick 408. Being in the same time zone we played pretty quickly most of the time and it was good fun and pretty strategic. Thanks @bythejatz for the game.