Can we got 3 & 4 tick jumps for turn-based games?

When creating a turn-based games, the options for ticks/jumps are 1, 6, 8, 12, & 24.

Might it be possible to add an option to do 3 & 4 ticks/jump?

The thought is these values would allow less jumpy turn-based games, without going all the way down to 1 tick/jump (which is basically real-time) as that might be too much and cause games to drag out too long.

Should be a super-easy change … thanks in advance for considering @JayKyburz :wink:

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Yes, I was trying to set up a turn-based game the other day and gave up because I wanted more than 1 and less than 6 ticks per jump. Please consider this. Thanks for bringing this up HULK