New Game Type - Ember Galaxy


For me, the beginning of a game is always the best part, rushing out to grab worlds before an opponent, squeezing every ounce out of your meager starting cash.

I’d really like this part of the game to last longer. I think the new trading rules help that, but I’d like to push it further, set up a new type of game as a default on the join game menu,

Here’s my prototype. A galaxy which is a real blank slate, ready to bend to your will.

Come join, leave feedback. :smile:


I’ve never played a game quite like this before, I am sooooo in! Good idea @Rosslessness


Nice setup, It will be interesting :slight_smile:


Sergeant Sjeng speaking: “seems such a solid setup. So I certainly set-up my star system.”

Never played in a formal ally game and rest of the settings are indeed interesting, so I see you all ingame.

Good luck everybody


Game on! Good luck all involved! :slight_smile:


Already full? :frowning:


damn, full.


Sorry guys! As I said, we’re tweaking the concept, and as it was so successful I’ll start a modified one soon, probably giving people starting ships and tweaking some cash and tech levels.


It’s worked well with no starting anything. means that you really have to think about your development, rather than throwing it away like I have. 1 cycle in, I have 3 stars…


I may tweak scanning to three, help people out more in the next game.


Ross, dude, can you please include a complete game setup list?
Once the game starts nobody can view the game settings that didn’t join already.
It would be good if everyone did this when posting games.


I will. Good Idea.


So, when I started this game I could see my home star & 2 other stars.
I then miscalculated my spending and didn’t leave myself enough cash to buy the carrier, so had to wait for the first production cycle.
Once I reached the 2 stars I found a fourth star, which I have now captured.
BUT there are no other stars within scanning range, so I’ve switched research to scanning in the hope that scanning 3 will reveal some more stars and then have to do hyperspace range so I can reach them.
All of which is going to take me until sometime on Monday (unless the experimentation fairy smiles on me, like it did on Satan II [Researched Experimentation, which took a day to reach level 2 and immediately got Experimentation from the fairy, so now has the only level 3 tech in the game so far])
And because this game has got the “Trade only with scanned” setting enabled there is little I can do until I either find my way out or until someone else finds me and sweeps in and consumes me.
Ho Hum

I vote for Scanning 3 at start up next time please.


Agreed, LDG said the same. Tweak 1 added.


Update: just got scanning 3, still seeing no other stars…


Yeah. Guess that’s why it’s called “Crumbs”


It may be broken, The new suggestion to see star fields before games start might make creating these games easier.


Update: my thanks must go out to the Experimentation Fairy, I have been waiting for three days for my scanning and hyperspace range to increase, the production Experimentation gains have been Scanning twice and Hyperspace Range, still got a few days to go…


My SETI program is coming up empty at Scanning 4. 4d 'til Scanning 5…


Update: beginning to wonder about the experimentation fairy, another day waiting for scanning to show me somewhere to go another scanning gain from the experimentation fairy.