New Menus


Later today I’m going to check in some changes to the menu at the start of the game.

I’ve added a traditional main menu with separate pages for your open games, account settings, news etc. I’ve felt for a long time that the long account screen and the tabs across the top for join and create game were a bit weird.

The change may not be very popular as it create a few extra clicks to get from the login screen into your game, but I hope it makes the game feel a little more normal and is easier to navigate!

Please let me know if you notice any strange behaviour or bugs. The changes were made very quickly so I can move on to more fun things like improving the team games.


I like it actually, it’s nice to have everything there without any scrolling.

It would be nice to have some sort of “Welcome -alias-” and your achievements (not that I have many!) still on the main screen though.


This broke my bookmarks. I really liked having more information on the main page too - currently active games, recently finished games, stats and the announcements about recent changes to the codebase were all useful to me.


You can still access all that information, its just split out into it’s own menus now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It’s a good start, but I think what would be better is if Was also remodelled. Far too much scrolling IMO.


Couple of minor points.

On the load game screen my Active games are centred, but my completed games are right justified.

load game seems a strange name for the page. I’d name it “Active games” instead.

The sub menus have two buttons, the menu button on the top left and the home button top right. They do the same thing, so I’d lose one.

Galactic news is kind of important, so I’d post the most recent update paragraph on the main page as well as retaining the link.


Thanks for the feedback @Rosslessness .

I do have plans to make a menu for the menu button. It will have some commonly used actions and perhaps a logout button. (but I will do boring stuff like that after I do some fun stuff.)

I fixed the completed games last night.

I was thinking about the label “load game” as well. I did a quick survey of other game main menus. “active games” is not used anywhere else. I did consider “continue” or “open game” but I think these are a little weird for completed games and games you have created that are also managed on that page.


Actually @Rosslessness, I’m about to check in another change that has a page between join game and the actual game that tries to describe what is interesting about each of the different game types. (ie. why is a dark galaxy game exciting and interesting? Why would I want to join it?)

You would be the perfect person to give me some feedback on these descriptions.


Can’t see any of my games I have joined!!! I left my house and lost WiFi and the tablet that had my game now won’t reload my games.


I don’t know if this is related to the recent changes, but the galaxy background (options->map graphics->low) is now a washed out black (RGB 18/17/33) versus a pure black (0/0/0) - the later is MUCH better.

Here’s an animated GIF showing the difference- very obvious if you click to see full size.


I’m having to log in constantly via IPhone 5/iOS 7. This didn’t happen before the menu change and doesn’t happen on desktop.


I keep getting prompted to upgrade my account to a premium when it already is. This is since the changes.


@michael is your load game screen empty? Can you email me with your account email address and I’ll look into it. I can also send you the URL for your games as a quick fix

@HULK sorry bout this. Slipped through for a few hours last night. I think I fixed before going to bed.

@MattS what method do you use to login? I have no idea why iOS would be different to desktop.

@PandaBear how are you getting prompted. Is it the new pop up in game, or in the menu somewhere.


Right. Few comments on the Game detail menus.

Standard Game.

Rogues not Rouges. I’d suggest.

In a cut-throat galaxy filled with rogues, scoundrels and bloodthirsty pirates, an undefended star is impossible to ignore, regardless of prior agreements.

This is classic Neptune’s pride where your greatest ally can become your worst enemy in the blink of an eye.

Turn based game

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say here.

"Time stands still in a turn based game.

Perfect for those who can’t watch their game all day long, in turn based games you have 24 hours to submit your turn before the game jumps forward 8 hours.

Queue up your fleets and try to anticipate what your opponents will be doing."


64 Player ultra game.

Description looks fine, but you need to add a question mark at the end of the first paragraph.

Dark Galaxy

Minor tweaks.

Beyond your borders the galaxy is dark and unknown. Who are your neighbours and where are they? Where are their attack fleets lurking and when will they strike?

In a Dark Galaxy you are blind beyond the range of your own scanners.

Reveal the galaxy one star at a time to find out who and what is really out there.

Circular galaxy
Looks good.

Epic Galaxy
Looks good.

Epic Dark Turn Based
Looks good too!


Thanks @Rosslessness I will make those changes. I think I already reworked the tbg one from what you had seen.


I get this as well, seems like when I reload after being away for awhile. I am premium as well. Has come up at least 3-4 times since the change.


Jay: Back to pure black - MUCH nicer - thanks!


I think I have fixed the popup issue. Please let me know if you see one again after today.

The are supposed to only appear every 18 hours for free players that have been playing a week already.


I was thinking about the label “load game” as well. I did a quick survey of other game main menus. “active games” is not used anywhere else. I did consider “continue” or “open game” but I think these are a little weird for completed games and games you have created that are also managed on that page.

I also dislike “Load Game” as it also does not work for completed and created games. In adition i associate “Save Game” with “Load Game” but we do not have such a thing.

What do you think about “My Games”? Works for active, completed and created games.