No Free Infrastructure

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I think it is OK to keep Terraforming, but should not allow Infrastructure to become free.

Maybe $ 1 at a minimum. Otherwise the player could buy infinite counts of ECON, IND or SCI.

Maybe this is not a bug ? After buying a few, the price would go up again.

But maybe infrastructure just should not be free ?

That must be an EXTREME game - those are ridiculously high stats - in all the games I’ve played, I’ve never seen anything close to that. So this is a very unusual condition … but yea, should be a bit of code in there to insure you always have to pay a least a buck for infrastructure IMHO …

Then again, maybe there is a bug or two after all !

Star Arc shows 0 ECON, as well as the $ price to purchase next ECON it $ 0 .

EDIT : my brain not working too well today. That might have been a captured planet.

I am in tick 864 of a 64 game. Terra is level 48. I have several newly captured stars at with zero econ where the cost is $1. So default settings, just long into the game.

I am assuming that the displayed cost in your game is just rounding to zero, not actually zero?

The OP reported this bug on Reddit 7 months ago.

Maybe to fix this bug, it just needs to round up ? not round down ?

Can you buy infinite resources? do they not climb above 0 once you start building on the star?

I think I would prefer a fix, where the minimum is $ 1.

If the fix was round up, then the math would be more difficult for players on their calculators.

Yeah, I think thats reasonable. I will add it to the list.

I can’t do an non urgent fixes until 6th of July because I’m crunching hard to get my entry into Pax Aus indie showcase.

Good Luck at PAX ! :smiley:

These bugs will be here waiting for you.

Yeah good luck Jay - are you showing NP2 or Blight?

I’ve signed up for a booth and want to show both games, but Blight is the new one and with a budget 10 times the size of NP so it will go into the comp.