NP2STATS still alive

@martindevans It should be working again. Sorry for the trouble!

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Working perfectly. Thanks very much!

The December tournaments page doesn’t seem to show the right READY state, at least for my game with The Last Hero. We’re both perpetually N, it seems.

@kinghuang Thanks for reporting. However the tool is only polling Jay’s servers between 15 minutes at even hour and 15, 30 and 45minutes over. I can’t see inside the game what the real status is, so could you please check if the status is correct or wrong couple of minutes after one of those update times, before I dig in deeper on this?

Sure, if I’m understanding correctly, it checks about every 15 minutes?

I submitted my current turn around 3:20 PM MST. It’s currently 4:32 PM MST, but it still says N in the stats. I’ll check again later to see if it’s changed.

@kinghuang Thanks for checking back. There should have been multiple updates by now. Something must be broken. I’m on it.

@kinghuang Thanks again for reporting. It was a bug indeed and has been fixed now!

Edit: And the little “fix” just broke whole lot of other things. Still looking at it. :wink:

Edit2: And we should be all ok again!

Cool. Thanks for everything you do on NP2STATS, @Dysp!

Thank you, appreciated!

I’ve been experimenting with few handy services in recent days and after getting my first “New game started” push message to my mobile today, I’m now confident enough to ask anyone interested in and in the 2CC or December tournaments to try it out. Just login to old np2stats as always and then follow the link to new ui. Open the menu from upper left corner and select add game. Add your tournament game number and api code (instructions on the page) and you will be able to see the push message options. Note: You will not see the push message options if it is not one of the two current tournament games.
Once you have set everything up, you can recieve push messages to your mobile about new turns in your game and if you have already joined your game, you will get an notification about the other person joining in as well.


Interesting feature. Looks like it’s Android only, though.

Damn, the iPhone link is on the setup page, but I guess it really hasn’t been in the store for an year. That’s a bit misleading to say at least. :confused: Will have to see what to do about it.