Organizing a Team game

Due to a slight player issue:
Take three!

NE/1 o’clock - Qwerty, Bills6693, Rubberband
E/3 o’clock - JonBoy, Itsmarty, DiscoJew
SE/5 o’clock - Brian, Infin8eye, MattS
SW/7 o’clock - LDG, TomKat, Maladoni
W/9 o’clock - Myk, Rosslessness,Selkie
NW/11 o’clock - Hulk, Neo, Sekoms

Password: teams

50% victory
Formal Enabled
Turn based 6 Tick Jumps 8 hr wait.
Expensive Rare Gates
32 Stars per player, Medium distance Plentiful
1 star per player, 10 ships to start.
Home world is a 10/20/1
Standard Econ and Industry, Expensive Science
Most tech normal cost, Weapons and Manufacturing Expensive
Hyperspace Range starts at 2, everything else 1.

I realize these settings are anyone’s perfect settings. Let’s give it a try, have a good time, and we can let Jay know what we really need for future team games.

House Rules / Etiquette:
-Teams must strive for top 3 places. Formal Alliance will be turned on, but not forced.
-You may only trade tech with your own team.
-Teams may chat and share information with each other, but you are not allowed to switch teams, merge or join another.
-There is to be no tech trading with the AI faction or any other team. No gifting tech to another team because your neighbor looked at you funny.
-You can chat with everyone, and even target other teams together, but remember, only one team can win, and they must take all three spots unless they had a member eliminated, then they must take the top two.
-Please no AFKs or rage quitting, you only hurt your own team. When you AFK, and become an AI, you share all tech with the AIs. We will have to agree on sanctions if you gain ‘black market’ tech from an AI or another player. Maybe you will have to pay to transfer that gained tech to one player from every team that doesn’t already have it, and just cash to those that already do.
-Death bed team suicides into another team while vacating stars for a different team is unsportsmanlike. If your team collectively wants to bow out, All of your team should collectively Concede. AIs have gotten significantly more difficult to steamroll, and will do a respectable job in your absence.
-When a single team reaches 75% of the map, and controls the top leaderboard spots will all remaining members, we can collectively declare a winner, and concede rather than spending a week or two while they swap stars.

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I’m in. You know where to find me.

Sounds good, count me in. No team I’m afraid so will need placing.

Hey Matt, looking forward to it!

Myk, I suspect we will have several players that we just match up, so no problem there. If you are in a game with an opponent that you really enjoy playing with/against, feel free to invite them.

Something to discuses:

  • Thinking about game speed. There are Pros and Cons to both real time and turn based. A Slow Speed game might be the way to go, as it allows micromanagement that you can’t get from most Turn Based, but allows people to get a full night sleep. A Slow Speed game would progress at the same pace as a 6T/12H game, but without the occasional early turn completion. On the other hand, most 6T/12H turn based games take a long time, so we want to make sure players can commit to a long game.

I’d be more in favour of turn based. What about 6T/8H to speed things along?

I’ve been discussing that with others. We might even ask Jay for another option, such as 10H turns, just to keep the Turn deadline rotating timezones. I was even thinking of asking for a 3/4 speed setting for real time.

I would love to play in a team game. I go by sekoms or tardigrade. No team but I’d play with ^kelad^

I’m in. My user name is Jonboy, and team members itsmarty and DiscoJew are interested.

I appreciate you guys testing out the team games so we have an idea of what works when I implement some actual rules for them.

You are welcome to join us Jay!

Oh, and I have a wish list of settings in this thread:

yeah, all that kind of stuff is need to support team games properly.

I’m keen to do the work because even in a game of cutthroat trust and betrayal, it can be nice to have some friends you can rely on.

Jay it would be great to really rely on your own team. Instead of wondering when you will get screwed over. I hope that we can have some good reliable team play in this game, with nobody trying to break the spirit of the game.

I had mentioned adding some additional Timeout lengths before (6h and 8h), and I just checked, you added them! Yay!
I can’t wait to play a real time turn based game (6 tick turns with 6h max timeout - or 8h - I know people may miss turns in their sleep, tough).

Anyway, Brian mentions 10h max timeout for this game. That is interesting. If a couple of players decide that they like a 12h game at a specific time of day, and hold off submitting their turn to control that turn time, then a 10h max wait would prevent them from intentionally slowing the game. It would have to cycle through and people would be more encouraged to submit their turn a bit earlier.

So I am in support of that. Give it a go.

Yeah, that was my thought, even if a player or two tried to force the game to run at it’s slowest possible rate, a 10h turn submission would cycle around the world over the course of the game. Ten hours would be sufficient time to compensate for people’s work/sleep schedule.

Six or eight hours would be great at keeping a game moving. People would generally just have to treat it like a real time game, or route ships for twice the time period, so their missed turn over night or while working wouldn’t set them back too much.

You’re Tardigrade too?

What’s up, buddy? Kelad reporting in.

Yea I use aliases sometimes but sekoms is the “true alias”

I’m keen for this game. 10 hours sounds like a good medium, too!

For future team games - it’d be great if each team was a different shape of the same colour.

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Good point Andy. Colour coding teams FTW.

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I’m in, will be nice to play a game with no itchy shoulder blade syndrome :slight_smile:

Hey Andy, that would probably be easier for Jay to implement than my previous suggestion of a toggle between individual and team colors.

I was thinking of waiting a few more days, then cutting off the recruitment so we can generate a custom map.

Some great suggestions here … and just to echo’s Brian’s comment (and make sure it is seen here), this is what I suggested in the other thread.

  1. Some means of identifying to NP the teams … and pre-setting alliances … and disallowing any tech/money transfers outside the team. This might be easily doable via the admin options. So you can setup 5x3, 6x2, 4x4, etc … and also specify which positions on the galaxy they go. Obviously more work if a Dark Galaxy, but maybe in version

2.Win-by percentage should be team total stars, not individual.
This game is set to 33% so it will be very tempting at the end for a team to abandon stars to one player to shoot for the win … rather than galactic domination. Implementation would not only be in the “win” code, but nice if “team leaderboard” and “team stats” (showing team totals) was visible.