Ran a test AI game

Ran a quick test 4 player with 3 AI game just to first test out the new production times with turn-based games and then to test out how the AI is doing.

Immediately I notice that the AI pours money into economy almost exclusively in the first couple of cycles. This is GOOD! That’s what they should be doing. Problem is, I don’t see it ever stop. One of the AI’s that I left completely alone had final game stats of 88-23-6. I think it should have turned into a little more Ind/Sci sooner. It’s left open for human attacks pretty easily.

It left open stars completely alone within its own territory! I’m talking stars that only that AI could get to, they didn’t even bother with three stars. I’ll try to attach a screen shot of the end game here just so you could see. It’s not like I or even any other AI player could get to those - AI has to realize “hey, these are more stars for me!”

It’s defending its homeworld well, but not really anything else. That’s still disappointing.

I was unable to get a single tech from the AI I left alone as well. I specifically left the one player alone because I knew Jay said something about earning “points” for the AI to trade with you. I know this was adjusted, but I felt like I was throwing away money!

Here’s a screenshot of the open stars. The AI is the green player. He never launched to them…

As a quick fix I made it so AI would not try and take stars after after the game is about a week old. (So that players could not trick an AI to launching at a star they just abandoned. )

I will spend a day next week on the AI again.