1. I think this will not work that well. Not only would this result in people working together less because they want the other to be in a terrible state at the end of the game (no asking for quick money or sharing resources for any other reason), but there will also be grounds for unfair play (like using a card that enhance orc Immortals to disadvantage a human player) and the general unfairness of the initial horde going for one player. Not only would that player be at a huge disadvantage at the end, the others might not come to their aid and it’s not just a matter of holding the hordes off long enough.
    This is of course the worst scenario assuming terrible people are playing with you, but I think that it may happen at times, or at least that people will suspect and accuse one another of it when it becomes part of the game.

  2. It does have merit, but it would be quite a lot more taxing and confusing. Right now there’s just str mortals vs str immortals and the chance death is rolled for all units equally. If such a new system would be implemented, it would make things more difficult to do program-wise. Not having a blind justice in your army to prevent her dying seems more like a logical thing than adding this.

  1. I’m actually counting on the terrible people that play. Even more so on devious minds who make it seem like they’re helping but really have different goals. It introduces the interesting aspect of deception to the game. You won’t trust anyone completely and therefore the game will be harder. I love Blight, but it’s really easy to win as it is on multiplayer. You can almost always rely on the other players to pull through even if you aren’t able to and you never have to worry about the sacrifices you’re making because you know it won’t matter once the game ends. You’re thinking like, well, a player. A game mode where you can instead think like a Lord or King or Chief would spice things up. You actually have to preserve the lives of your people because the time will come when you need them for fighting those just as smart and strong as you. You’ll be thinking like a leader of Alundria, a war torn region filled with different races and factions all vying for control, temporarily united by the coming of the Blight but bound to return to previous schemes. Old habits die hard. Of course, this would be just a game mode, not all games, and I imagine only higher level players would take part.

  2. This is more catered to units like the Elven Prince and Princess or the Wizard, who often have to be with their armies in order to be effective. Blind Justice, High Elf, and a couple other relatively long range units are outliers. A lot of the time it’s impossible or inconvenient to not have an important hero with your army and it’s a little ridiculous when they die and everyone else survives, particularly if it’s a small battle that wasn’t supposed to mean anything. In a real battle they wouldn’t have the same level of risk as a common footsoldier. Heroes like Mighty General and Stout General notwithstanding because even in their depictions they are leading the charge, but they are already classified as ‘Warrior’ so it still works out.

  1. True, if it’s not all games then it would be a good addition for when people feel up to it.

  2. Might make things a bit too easy, but also as I said it would be a lot more complicated. I don’t know how much, but from what I’ve understood all these Blight games are processed on a single admin’s computer so I’m not sure if making their calculations more complicated and the games bigger is a great idea of them. Though I can be dead wrong about that computer thing, though.


I don’t know anything about the single computer thing, but I don’t think it would be much more complicated. All the damage would be calculated the same way, the units would just die in a certain order rather than just randomly. As for making it too easy, keep in mind it wouldn’t affect all heroes, just ones that wouldn’t take part in the initial fray if the battle were actually real. So the Desert Maiden, Vicious Sergeant, Mighty General, Stout General, etc. would all have the same risk as their soldiers, but the Elven Princess, Blind Justice, Wizard, and others like them would not. It’s also worth noting that it’d be the same for the Undead Lords, which would eliminate the random luck that occasionally ends up killing an otherwise unkillable one when a small mortal force fights a much larger immortal one


Hey @RisenSlayer. Thanks for your notes and ideas! Sorry its taken me a couple of weeks to get back on the forums to read them!

One: An interesting fun fact, in the prototype for Blight we developed back in 2010, there was a game PVP mode where people could fight each other and and the zombies as well. We were trying to make a more traditional 4x strategy game, but with the large threat of the zombies that the players would have to co-operate to defeat. Think Game of Thrones with the White Walkers coming down from the north.

When we started this new version we decided we wanted to “all in” on the co-op, so started designing powers and mechanics that might be unfair or unbalanced or just not fun if played in PVP.

So for example, the the artillery can be fired as soon as its in rage and does its damage instantly. This is satisfying and fun in Co-OP but in A PVP game this would force players login and fire them as soon as they were in rage. It would be a race to see who could click the button the fastest after the moment tick.

Two: I agree with the wizards and things in combat. And I will admit I have separated out my wizards, or sent them out of a town I was defending just so there was no risk of them being killed.

I’m not sure it should be based on the cards title, perhaps players could just be able to choose which characters should stay out of the combat some how.


Would it be possible to implement the following suggestions for a game admin?

  • Have the day/time bar background be a different color when paused, or include the word “Paused”, or some other indication other than the clock not ticking
  • In the game admin options, have a button to “pause for X hours” in addition to the toggle pause
  • Also in the game admin options, have a “Pause every night for X hours” or “Only run the game between these hours” that can be configured by the admin

I’ve only been playing for about a month and love it so far, so apologies in advance if stuff like this has been requested in this thread that I skimmed through. Thanks!


I’ve been playing with flamabeconcrete, and this game is awesome. I’ve been looking for an asychronous cooperative muiltiplayer game for my phone for… years. And this game is fantastic. I have no idea how I haven’t heard about this game before, but you’re awesome for making it.

My suggestions:
-Static heralds that carry over from game to game!! I play with the same group of friends each game, and it would be great to just know who was who, instead of having to click on them!! Also I like my herald to look a certain way, it gets old to have to change it when a new game starts.

-Give an option for the admin to run the game at 1.X speed.

-Give me an option to have the chat that happens in the chat window send me push notices on my phone. We’ve created a whole separate chat room for our games, because we want to be able to tell each other important, timely stuff, and the game doesn’t work for that (“dude! move your army, you’re going to die!”, etc.)



Sorry for taking 2 weeks to check out your posts. Its great to hear you guys have been enjoying the game!

Great suggestions!

Hope to see you guys in game some time!


Just some aesthetic suggestions.
Could we perhaps have some snow levels? It would be a nice difference from green and sand tiles.
Maybe moving through snow slows troops down and perhaps you start losing units due to frost if they aren’t in villages or cities?

Just some ideas :slight_smile:


I hadn’t thought of how annoying it would be racing other players to click first. I still think it would be nice to have that game mode as an option for more experienced players though. It’d be tense, frustrating, and difficult, but that level of challenge would be a good change of pace for people who find the regular co-op modes a bit too easy.

Being able to choose which characters participated in combat would be cool, but I was thinking something more along the lines of just preventing certain cards from being killed first. They’d still be at risk of being killed, but only when the main army as well as other front line heroes are defeated.

I’m no programmer or game developer so I don’t know how complicated these things would be to implement or if they contrast too much with your goals for the game, but they’re just some suggestions


Also, dude? Cool name you got there.


Well, At least in multi-player you can achieve that by just having the other units min 2 hours behind your main force. they dont get any buffs those units might provide, but that kinda makes sense if they dont participate in combat anyways. I’d totally like the more intense scenarios though, Im a new player and I still won Moltenforge nightmare mode in first try… AND got the highscore…

On that note, I have heard that the highscore resets after 30 days or so, would be nice if you could at least keep 1. place, or maybe a top 10 or 5… that cant possibly be expensive server wise, or?


I think a longer timeout is probably called for, at least.

As for more intense scenarios, try some of the newer and smaller maps, like Guardians or Redwind Plateau. A lot of the single player maps were made quite a long time ago, and have gotten much easier as the game has changed. The newer ones were created with more or less the current capabilities for all the races, so they’re much closer to where they’re intended to be with respect to difficulty level.


Thanks :grin:


Just a suggestion but…maybe introduce named hero characters? Give the game some backstory, have it a lived in feel. Maybe some short stories?
Give them buffs and sebuffx fir certain race units.

Every fantasy world has heroes and villains. So to have some in Blight would be great. You could have an art and story contest and players can buy the heroes for some cash.


I’ve been thinking about the Trolls recently, specifically the Troglodyte’s unfulfilled promise of GIANT GOBLIN-EATING MACHINE ever since he was nerfed to no longer auto-kill an entire stack (clearly necessary, in fairness). The issue I tend to have is that it’s so hard to catch up to Goblins in the first place, and he’s got to spend at least a couple days growing before he reaches self-sufficiency. With the speed of Goblins, that’s just really tough to do in practice.

However: What if he gained his devouring bonus from melee combat as well as his ranged attack? That would let him gain strength in an army at first, and then effectively strike out on his own once he’s big enough. Obviously gaining strength for every Goblin his army kills is too much, and I’m not sure how the nitty-gritty of combat works behind the scenes, but based on the way Valour gets split up, I suspect it’s possible to identify which enemies were killed by which units. So it seems like the Troglodyte could gain strength for every Goblin he kills, in melee or at range, which I think would let him see more play.