The Asylum


How hard would it be to set up a second version of the game to use as a sandbox? This way features could be tested before final implementation, and players could be given more notice that game changing modifications were going to be rolled out.

You could even make it a premium only perk :slight_smile:


Seriously - I’d love to help test out new features in a “sandbox” environment.


this is used to test large game breaking changes. we have played a few games here over the last year or so. I think gates were tested in there, some other large tech changes.

#4 would take no effort at all to throw up my 32 player one star each game there surely? :slight_smile: We all love being involved in the process Jay. I think it’s a nice perk for the premium players. Perhaps each month you could host a game with a unique tweak?


I’ve been talking with a publisher over the last few months and one of the things we talk about is making the game a living growing thing, not just fire and forget like traditional installable games.

The idea being that all the fun things we talk about here on the forum we build and play with for a few months. Team Games, an official league, Moving Stars, Wormholes, Supply lines, Bounties, and even crazy one star per player matches.

Tell me what settings you want for you special game and I will make it up. No need for the sandbox for that one though I don’t think.




50% Stars For victory
32 Players
No Gates
Random Hex
Random Scatter
Stars per player 1 (This is the tweak)
Starting Stars 1
Starting cash 3000
No Infrastructure
No Ships
Standard trading costs and rules.
Real Time


Nice! Keen to give this a try…
It could also be interesting to start with Weapons=0. That way you need to research weapons before you can attack someone, but you still get the defensive bonus if someone attacks you.


Code doesnt know how to deal with techs that start at 0 unfortunately.

Do I need to make the home stars start closer than normal so you don’t need range 9 before you can attack?


Each star starts within jump range but not scanning.

Let me know if you are happy, or want changes and I will make it on the server.


Let’s try it!


Trade with scanned players only?






Invite pls :smiley:


Could you “fix” this? I tried to force Experimentation to 0, but the game wouldn’t pass through first production … :(, also every tech set to 0 needs 0 of 0 to next level (effectively 1 tick).


Here is a link to your crazy ass game @Rosslessness


Let me know if you want to to regenerate so that purple triangle is not out on a limb.


Is this open to anyone? In other words : D can I join?

PS: @Rosslessness, are you THE Rosslessness (from CS)?


Yes, this is open to everyone!

If I knew what CS was, I’d tell you if I was that one.