Un-Official Neptune's Pride Tournament


From now on this will be the thread to discuss all things tournament related.

Sign ups for 1v1s are closed! We have 15 players and will be utilizing a round robin tournament style. If you’re not familiar with this, basically everyone will play one game against everyone else. The player with the most wins at the end will win. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker game will created.

Here are the rules for the 1v1 format:

  • Everything is default except the following
  • Dark Start Disabled (So I can take the ref spot)
  • Custom Start: (0,0) and (5,0) gives a pretty fair start
  • 32 stars per player
  • Home star distance: Far
  • Starting Stars: 4
  • Starting Credits: $1000
  • 2X tick rate (I want this tournament over before 2018)

Player List for 1v1s

  1. Saradav
  2. Victreebel
  3. The Last Hero
  4. Zoquete
  5. Houseboat Thangs
  6. Smulm
  7. Halo
  8. Jetset
  9. Praxus
  10. Hipster Fleet
  11. Dakhar
  12. Pemberton
  13. Mastery
  14. Brand
  15. Wexnomer

This is the match schedule for 1v1s:
For clarity, each player has a corresponding number. Use the above list to determine your number and who you are playing. For example, the first match in round 1 will be Saradav vs Victreebel (represented by 1-2 on the schedule). When you have Bye-#, that means you don’t play that round.

After your game is completed, I will create the next game. After both players have finished their game, you will have 3 days to join the game game. I will post links to your games here, as well as referencing you in the post so you can find it quicker.

Failing to join a game on time will result in a loss. If you miss the start on more than 2 games, you will be disqualified. In the even of a disqualification, all games against that player will be counted as wins, regardless of previous scores.

Every participant will receive an official tournament participation badge. The player with the highest amount of wins will receive an official tournament victor badge.

Since many people have expressed interest in only playing one game at a time, I will have to delay the 2v2 portion of the tournament. Signups remain open, and if you want to join or form a team post here and I’ll put you on the list.

Stay tuned for your first matches later tonight!


Round one starts now! Here are the games-
The password for all games is Tournament.

From this post you have one week to join your game or you will automatically lose round one. After that the time limit will be 3 days. It’s your responsibility to check in every couple days if you know you have a game coming up.

Saradav vs. Victreebel

Jetset vs. Hipster Fleet

The Last Hero vs. Wexnomer

Halo vs. Dakhar

Zoquete vs. Brand

Smulm vs. Pemberton

Houseboat Thangs vs. Mastery

Praxus - Bye Round


@saradav @Victreebel @Zoquete @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS @Smulm @Halo @Jetset @Praxus @HipsterFleet @Dakhar

Forgot to tag you guys to get your attention


@Pemberton @Mastery @Brand @Wexnomer





Awesome. Let’s do this


I would like to join and form a team with Ferret287


For 2v2s whenever it starts.


Thanks for organising this TLH. Game on…


(Please delete)




Thank You for the Organisation. Great Job!

Also I’d like to participate 2v2, I am open to any Partner;)


Sorry im late, slept in super late. in my game now

PS: do we have time limits for playing the games on 1v1 incase they turn into a stalemate?


you will get tossed into the random pool with a lot of others then, good luck


I will squad up with you for 2v2, mate. If you’re interested, that is.


I am honord;)


We’ll have to play it by ear. I’m not anticipating a stalemate, but we’ll see how it goes.


I really appreciate you running this competition and giving is all this opportunity to have fun!

I don’t think me & Dakhar’s Galaxy is exactly fair though. Without additional hyperspace levels I had access to a total of 8 planets, him 20.


Huh. I thought I had gone through and made each galaxy relatively fair. Sorry about that. If he is ok then we can remake it.


I am OK with a Remake;)