Way to disable tech and cash trades in a custom game?

Is there any way to create a custom game that disables tech and cash trades? I’m finding that games are pretty much determined from almost the first turn by alliances of people who already know each other.

I realize that most players like trade and cash trading, which I why I’m only asking about whether this can be done in a custom game that I create. Thank you for any responses!


You can kind of disable tech trades like I did in this game Neptune's Pride (9 spaces left if you are interested)

Once you ‘disable’ tech trading there’s very little reason to trade cash. Setting anonymity to maximum is also useful.

To disable trading using what I did in the above game create a bookmark with the contents: javascript:void(NeptunesPride.universe.createGameSettings.tradeCost="5000000");. Make the game as normal but before creating the game click the bookmark. So: change settings → click bookmark → create game.

How is maximum anonymity useful?

I see that the create game wizard warns that this should only be done in private games where players know each other in real life (although it’s not clear to me what problem is being addressed by that warning).


  • In a large game if I have many neighbours I will ally myself with the more experienced players based on achievements even when I don’t recognise names - I think other players probably also do this.
  • You can uniquely identify most players by achievements even when names are changed (I am 15/338/115).
  • Players are probably more likely to choose a fake name for extra anonymous games.

There’s been some talk about anonymity. @JayKyburz discussed randomly assigning players names so it’s not as easy to know who you have played with previously.

I’m sorry to be dense, but how do I create a bookmark with that content? I’m willing to use whatever browser you prefer for this advice.

Thank you!

On Firefox: right click Bookmarks Toolbar -> click “New Bookmark…” -> Fillout name and put the code in the location field.

In Chrome: right click Bookmarks Bar -> click “Add Page…” -> fill out as above with code in the URL field.

Not sure about other browsers, I only use Chrome and Firefox.

Okay. I think I did that correctly.

When I click on the bookmark, nothing changes in the create game page. Is that what I should expect?

Thank you so much for helping me with this!

The code doesn’t effect the UI so you shouldn’t see anything change visually. So just change game settings -> click bookmark -> click create game.

You can always try it on a passworded game and if it works create a non-passworded game after. (deleting the first game)