Firstly, screw you guys for believing i’d ever quit Neptunes pride. I BLEED TRITON.
Secondly, i really really really want one of those red tournament trophies. I like the badge contrast with the gleaming red thrown in. How do i get one?
Thirdly. Id just like to put a more balanced opinion of the 64 matches out there, because i really just got caught up on the banter and drama and wasn’t thinking very thoroughly about the subject of their initial removal, and eventual return.

It was definitely, absolutely, the right choice to downsize the 64s to 32. It was taking forever for games to start, and when they finally did sometimes an entire THIRD of the total players would go AFK and we’d end up playing a 40 player match anyway but majorly inbalanced from the get go. Then those advantages caused others to quit and yeah we we’re already playing 32 player matches for a few months there. I understand all that and hope others do too. It was definitely the right choice at the time.

This year though (ive been active since February after a couple years off as the 64s became more problematic and less fair) Ive noticed an exponential increase in overall players, and the 32 matches fill up SO FAST its actually amazing. I’m sure quarantine and social distancing helped out a bit, but i do think its just the new blood we so desperately needed has finally arrived in waves and ive been pleasantly surprised by how skilled and engaged these new guys are. I dont even call them pathetic noobs anymore or question the legitimacy of their parentage (BASTARDS!).

I do think the time has arrived to reapply the 64 matches as the 32s though the right choice for a long while there has run its course in effectiveness and is now functioning as a limiter on quality of gameplay, diplomacy, and just players actually sticking around to the end of the game if their not like to win.

I personally love the idea that Jay floated a little while ago about a rotation Where every 3rd or 5th large match is a 64. I’d vote for 1 in 3, but even 1 in 5 or 1 in 8 would be more than sufficient to have just one 3 month long 64 match that im playing in, always and forever.

Would be a everyone wins situation, and we’d get to keep more of the loyal old timers around such as myself!

Just an idea, I’m new and only catching up some rent about 64 games.

But what if instead of trying to get 64 games back as before we would more see it as an event. Every now and then, a 64 game is launch.

This would bring an extra to the game as it would be more “special” and maybe would help with keeping players active, would be a shame to go AFK on a special event. Like I see tournaments here on the forum.

I also think it might be easier to get Jay agreeing occasional 64 game than a real come back. But I don’t really know him so just a guess.


Agree with all that, it doesn’t necessarily need to replace 32 matches

u need to win a proteus game to get the red badges

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Ohhh. I always forget about proteus. Ill try to get into it. Can’t stand the carrier and trade cost scaling or wiping a star when you take it lol.

My final opinion on 64 matches is replace the 32s completely or just do a rotation of 1 in 3 or 1 in 5. I miss playing proper neptunes pride ;(



Got a bit of an update about 64 player games from Jay

"Unfortunately there are technical issues on the Google App Engine side that are preventing the 64 player games. It’s not that I just don’t want to run them.
Hopefully one day I’ll be able to resolve those issues and we’ll give them another run!"

Thought you guys would want to know! Hope 64 returns soon!

Ultra matches are listed as 64s agaiN!!! so close!!!

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