1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 12/2022]

Great game @Solfyre! As always :slight_smile:

I didn’t ever really settle on what I was trying to get done. That just wont cut it against Solfyre as we all know. Well deserved win. I wish I would have made a few different choices :slight_smile:

I have claimed victory in my match against @Akika , unfortunately it seems they were AFK for part of it, but I’d like to think that the lead I got in early economy would have carried my to victory none the less. The high terraforming vs. low start credits really made me have to think about how many carriers i wanted to open with, as every one of them would end up costing 3-5 pieces of econ in the first cycle, and my early econ lead came from building fewer carries than my opponent, but utilizing the very cheap econ builds.

I just claimed victory against @MLaZz. I think I went for a similar strategy to @Satirael, building only the carriers that would open up more stars for economy purchases in the first cycle. From there I was able to ramp up my economy to the point where I was able to maintain a 25% lead over MLaZz, plus slowly getting ahead in ships and technologies. Our galaxy was in an approximate diamond shape with 9-star arms coming off the middle points, and when MLaZz claimed both arms, I was worried that it would hurt me, but my advantages elsewhere proved to be enough to overcome this.

I was not taking cheap Industry and Terra9 enough into account. Usually with a 10+ star lead one has pretty good chances even when behind in economy. But these rule changes meant there was industry built on more or less every star.
It was impressive (and terrifying) to see how strong @BelSon’s Economy was getting.
Congrats on a great game and victory!

I have claimed victory against @Lorentz, gg well played

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Grats to the winners. I think @SimonMiaou was also victorious. Do remember to post about it next time as otherwise it may not be considered a win in the 1v1 World Rankings.

Sorry about that, I though Bewildered_Baker was gonna write here.

I have defeated @gaz123 in a very close match. Well played! I think we both learned a lot.

Yes it was a good game and a deserved win for AStonedApe!

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