Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


They did appear right after the combat, and the army won the battle, which wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been there, but prior to advancing the time, the conflict ‘pre-estimate’ stated that the battle would be lost, which makes sense since it didn’t include the missing troops. They were also listed in the battle report afterward.


Ok, here’s another situation in this tournament game:

I have an Elven Bowmaster who is stacked with a Little Wizard in the mountains near Witches Moon. They are an army. A group of Elven Archers and a DFW arrive. I then try to add those two units to the army by up-arrowing from the Bowmaster. The GUI flashes showing them as one army for an instant and then kicks the archers and the DFW out, so it’s only the EB and the LW remaining in the army. I can’t get the archers to join the Bowmaster. ALL are at the same location, none are showing the movement icon. I went on to the next turn, but still can’t join them up under the Bowmaster.

Since I know you won’t have a chance to look at it till Monday, I’ll just continue the game.


Ok, I think I may have figured this out. Since the EB was a gift unit, that seems to have mattered, since after I purchased the unit for my deck using a coin, I was then able to merge the other units into the army.


Yeah, gift units need to be bought before you can link them up with your armies.


Ok, confirmed this. Had a really large stack of multiple archer/LW units (same game, same location), and I united them under an Elven Princess who’d been a settlement gift. Once the stack was merged, I saw the strength was only 306 (the value of the Princess and the Elven Prince in the stack, nothing else). I unmerged, purchased the Princess, and then when I merged the full army value was there. Strangely, this time, when looking at the stack, all the units showed as joined, but the total value didn’t reflect that–it only showed the value of two units.


Hey Thanks for the tracking this down for me guys. This should be an easy fix now.

Do you think this was the same as the first case you reported?


I know, this will be lame and stupid, but… when I saw it I can’t unsee it now. (

So, when you hover over elements which get hover class (seriously, why you don’t want use simply :hover pseudo-class? It’s much more reliable and simple…), one of them is dropping. In this case, widget button up. When I hover, he gets hover class and yadda yadda. The game timer goes further by second and class is lost, even if I hover the cursor over it.

So, yeah… don’t ask how and why… just fix it, please. :confounded:


I didn’t use the hover psudo-class because it does all kinds of weird things on mobile.

But sorry I don’t understand the rest of the bug, what are you hovering over?


Oh, yes, sorry, forgot to mention. Menu call button. (Top right corner of UI. That hamburger button)


Wasn’t sure if I should post here or under Hero Changes, but I sure would like these dragons to explode in 0 hours =)


Something wrong with SP The Human Crusade: Oakridge Valley. The image is old, and when I finished it today, my statistics were only one I saw. Also, after I finished it, little stars under campaign mission are still hollow.


@bunny24 Yeah, there was a bug with dragons that had old data. I think the card will read wrong until those dragons die.

@Anderty Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try and have a look at what’s up with Oakridge later today. Edit: It might just be that you are the first ever person to complete it on hard!


I bet it was observed before, but still I want to double check that. Text is outside cropping boundaries of settlement image.


The word “chance” or “probability” is missing in the combat result screen (see screenshot).

Each zombie has a 2% chance of destruction.


Looks like that’s the iOS client? We’re going to need a clear distinction going forward, now that we’ve got the web client, iOS, Android, and Steam haha.


ugg tell me about it. Thanks for letting us know @snorkelwanted!


Why did the zombies not move? At start my knight went to Bucks Crown to burn bodies. And then go to left up. I forgot what time I use the knight’s ability.


Even under a movement compulsion, zombies will still sometimes wait for other groups to join up with them. Are there any other groups moving to that same location that these could be waiting for?


Other zombies nearest that is at Slow Plain. The zombies come to my knight now, but I don’t why they previously idle.


Is anyone else having trouble playing on Kongregate? I went over there to see how much their out-of-game chat might help the whole community situation, but I can’t actually get the game to play. Clicking “play now” just makes the game blink for a second and then display the same intro screen again.

Windows, Chrome, no obvious errors in the console, but the “Kong Store Buy Item Success” response object (generated when clicking the Play Now button) does indicate statusText: "parsererror".