Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


Thanks for the heads up. I will have another look at this next week. I wonder if the Crone should apply her own buff, that prevents other buffs from being reapplied for 12 hours. That way the terrain bonuses wont simply re-apply.


Thanks very much.
Anyway there are two other problems in the same scenario

  • Some armies pass through the Hydra’s Secret Pool
  • Troll’s armies near the mountain on the right are ready to cross the river (without the ford) after I called them with the Bridge Witch’s power


I don’t want to be the usual bug seeker, but something strange happens in a Crossroads scenario: 50 Goblin Savages appeared suddenly near the borders.
Anyway, the thing made me so happy.


Fun fact: another army popped out!


What’s gonna happen next?!!


That is very strange!


Both times they came to the Mana Pool and they became mine.
One hipotesis could be that for two times I used the Pirate Captain’s power and I didn’t have enough population for deploy the Savages, so they came from another world, lol.


I’ve found another bug

As you can see, the battle was fought and, although the Assassins didn’t enter in combat, they were trapped in the Chaos Webs. Why?


Thansk @JeanRenard I’ll have a look at the wording of the card. I think he got webs on him because he was in the same place as the combat.

We might have to make some kind of special achievement for you for best bug tracker!


As I said before, if you drop and collect two or more armies in one fortified settlement already occupied by the blighted, the armies get the fortifications bonus. They shouldn’t get it, right?


Yes apologies. I will make sure this is on my to-do list and fix it first next bug fixing day!

It sounds like an exploit so I think I should fix it.


I started this game on Kongregate, now I play it strictly on my phone. I don’t know how many people play this on their phone here. I feel like it’s the way to go honestly and I wish I could combine my Kongregate and mobile accounts… however, I’d like to list a few mobile blips I’ve noticed to be a real pain.
First, is the unit links. When I’m in army view, it will sometimes take me near 20 to 30 clicks for me to grab a specific unit or group. And it’s only with units and groups of units. Sometimes it takes a few clicks, other times lots and lots of clicks.
Second, is the chat menu. My keyboard covers my current type and once the chat menu fills up one screens worth, I cannot hyperlink settlements into the text anymore. This makes it very annoying and difficult at times when teamwork is necessary.

Third, which is a suggestion, really, but you read all this yourself anyways, so… I was thinking about a friend’s list or some way of keeping track of players you kick ass with and being able to invite them to multi-player games

Also, as a unit suggestion. Crossbows for humans? 1 range, high damage, heavy on gold mana and regen.


Just another Jolly that came out from other dimensions, Queen’s Maul scenario

Neutral Units in long games?

@JeanRenard is it the same power that is making these armies appear out of no where? I completely forgot I needed to fix this!

@MeBeMarsh Wecom from Kong, glad you found us over here!

I’d like to look into some of those bugs for you. What kind of phone do you have?
When you say the army view, do you mean the big list of all the armies?


I don’t know if it’s a bug or something else, but sometimes if you issue a movement order to your army, happens that the system doesn’t find the quickest way, like in this case.
On the left the quickest way, selected manually, on the right the way the automatic system selection.


I have a galaxy S7, and yea, on the long list of units in your army. I can slide units no problem, and their combine/group up or down/ and skill buttons all work ok, only when trying to click the units themselves does it seem to have trouble registering.


Another fresh bug, in two different scenarios.
The gulty one is the Hound Master, which dogs didn’t bark at the gates of the infested city in both cases. In simple terms the power Release the Hound didn’t work correctly.
What happened?
Hound Master’s power doesn’t work when he’s near a blighted settlement?


I was in that game. We had a problem with our push and freeze spells. 2 hounds didn’t work properly and a wizard failed to freeze. This game is ongoing, and I also recently had a tree whisperer in a separate game not work, unless you can’t freeze dragons? This has all been in the past couple days and I’ve never encountered this problem before.


Yeah Release the Hounds has always been a little iffy when they’re too close to their target. Not intentional I don’t think, but hard to replicate consistently so the devs have had trouble tracking it down.


Hrm, we havn’t made any updates in a while so it probably not something new.

I have another Blight bug fixing day coming up, and @IHG-BlightedPea has a new MP map coming soon as well.

Thanks again for the reports.