Bugs of BBB


Anyne have noticed problems with grappled settlements? It seems that the AIs can upgrade them!


When a ship with a Pointer attacks a settlement, a new Pointer is added to the settlement, regardless of whether it is captured or not, and without a Slaver involved anywhere! The ship still has its Pointer afterwards.


Not a serious bug, but movement arrows are too transparent (when not selected), especially over mountains and mines (for Ballooners) they are barely visible.


Do you mean the AI can upgrade the attack/health/armour of the settlement, @JeanRenard?


Thanks @ruisselet! Is this something you’ve seen happen a few times? Do you have any more info on the situation?


I’ve seen it happen twice in the same turn, once as attacker, once as attacked :smiley:

What kind of extra info would be useful for you?


Two different sets of settlements and ships in the same turn? Was there an AI involved, or another player? Were there any other Buccaneers? Thanks!


Yes, two locations far from each other. One attacker had Pointer + Grappler, the other Pointer + Ballooner. Neither settlement had any Buccaneer prior. No AI involved.


OK, that is super weird! I have no idea what it could be, I’ll have to look into it.


Can you point me to the game this happened in @ruisselet?


Did the settlements definitely not have the Pointers before the attack (from when they were created)?

When a ship crashes to become a settlement, it keeps the Buccaneers that were on the ship, until another ship is built there. I’m looking at the game and I can see that your other settlement - Rascals’ Refuge, also has a pointer.


Exactly! It happens two times in the previous 12 hours, in two different games.


You got it in other games @JeanRenard? Is it something that’s just started happening since the update yesterday do you think?


Yes, it begins after update!


Game 4902350833582080


The AI upgrading when Grappled should be fixed now.


Small bug:
The description of the Scoper ability is outdated in the Help menu. Should say 4 hexes now.


I’ve just founded a bug: auto-dredging.

The video explains all (consider the first fight and the dredging of the end): the enemy ship that should have sunk, hitten by my ship, it’s dredged by the same enemy. So now he has got the ship that was mine (right) and the ship that should have sunk (wrong).
In the end, another bug: the auto-dredged ship shows all the buccaneers that it has got before the sink.


Just to clarify a bit more on the dredging bug.
I sink Jean’s ship. Then I dredge Jean’s ship. Jean’s ship came back with two buccaneers on it, including one dredger. My other ship is sunk. It comes back under my control - presumably dredged by the ship I just took from Jean.


That’s interesting @Bessel - I just clarified in a different post that dredged ship is supposed to come back with 0 buccaneers. Any buccaneers that were on a ship when it was sunk are lost to Goblin Jones’ Locker.