Flying Swiss 1v1 Tournament [FS 01/2023]

Game vs @Lorentz just finished with me reaching the star requirement for victory.


I have won the matchup with @gaz123. Good game man!

I took the victory against @Bio-M6 by default

@Gissni and I are locked in a hard battle at the moment. I have a slight advantage in economy, star count and ship positioning, but @Gissni has more ships, science and technology. I’ve seen evidence of their unfamiliarity with 1v1 strategies, but strong grasp of the game as a whole. This game in progress could still go either way, but in the future if @Gissni sticks around, they could easily be top 10.

Sounds good! Looking forward to see more of @Gissni’s performances :wink:

I’ve just managed to edge out @Skilly146 in game 10. I had a lucky jump via an open Gate in the mid-game, and despite lagging on Science was able to get my ships to the right places just in time to snatch enough stars.

Great game - nail-biting stuff!

Just wrapped up my battle with @Kaine . We went back and forth for a few turns, trading stars and advantages on either side. He launched a massive last ditch attack on one of my warp gates that came up a bit short in the end. That allowed for me to claim the stars i needed for the win! Thanks @Kaine !

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@BelSon @Gissni Your game will end at Tick 288.
@Satirael @Binbo Your game will end at Tick 222.

It will then be judged based on the stats and map control for a points result. Please make sure to reach that tick as fast as possible and post about it in the forum then.


@Binbo and I have reached tick 222,as it stands now I will likely claim victory next turn, but since you said the game would end at 222 I thought it only fair that I posted about it here now.

We had a good match which started out quite evenly, but a few differences in early tech and investment lead me to have a slight ship and star lead which I successfully slowly grew as the game progressed until we reached the current position. A good and fun game, I had to stay on my toes and be careful not to leave any openings.

Grats on the win. Meanwhile, @BelSon and @Gissni didn’t quite make it to Tick 288, but it’s high time for the next round and they are just 6 ticks away. I just calculated the judgement points and as expected it is very even (BelSon leading on stars and income, Gissni on ships and ship production), so I call the game the first draw of this tournament.

Table after Round 2 (Booster Points have now been removed):

Rank Player Points Buchholz
1. Solfyre 8 8
2. plug 8 8
3. Gissni 6 6
4. Satirael 4 12
5. Kaine 4 12
6. Skilly146 4 10
7. panblanco 4 8
8. spymort 4 8
9. tenerezu 4 6
10. gaz123 4 4
11. Binbo 4 4
12. BelSon 2 10
13. Lorentz 0 8
14. Bio-M6 0 8

Gonna prepare the match-ups and maps in a bit.

Based on the table above, Round 3 match-ups looks like this:

  1. @Solfyre [US-1] vs. @plug [GB-2]
  2. @Satirael [DK-7] vs. @Gissni
  3. @Kaine [AQ-10] vs. @gaz123
  4. @Skilly146 [US-20] vs. @tenerezu [MX]
  5. @panblanco [US-8] vs. @spymort [AU-11]
  6. @BelSon [AU-9] vs. @Binbo
  7. @Lorentz vs. @Bio-M6 [BE]

Use the according map link I provided for your game in @Dysp’s tournament tracking tool - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:

Password is 287 - please join your game with your forum name by March 16, otherwise it will be forfeited and your opponent automatically wins. Also be mindful to try and submit at least twice per day so we can get as many clear results by April 1 as possible. The next round will start after that.

Good luck and have fun everyone! If your game concludes, please post about it in this thread.

Hey @Trucriot , out of curiosity, is there any magic to the random numbers but seemingly not random of 2807 starting cash, 28/28/7 for home star infrastructure, starting ships per star is 28, and trade cost is set at 2807. That’s the number 28 a whole lot. Hmmmm. :thinking:

And the turn deadline is 28 ticks too!

I always thought it was to do with seven days in a week and 28 is 7 times 4…

@gaz123 poke

@Bio-M6 poke

And the password is 287!

Hmm, you’re on to something. One thing is clear though, it’s definitely not because 28 is my favorite number and also my birthday isn’t on a certain day in July :grin:

Yes, I quite like that mathematical property too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@gaz123 and i just concluded our game. Tough fight in a weird map with the center leading a direct range 1 path between the home stars leading to some early battles. In the end my focus on the flanks lead to the star lead I needed to carry the day.

Yeah, that map gen looked like it could be fun. Well played.

Unfortunately @Bio-M6 did not join their game in time, thus @Lorentz takes the win uncontested.