NP2 Dueling Tournament - Round 1

Welcome everyone! Round 1 of the Tournament is about to begin, doing battle are the following pairs.

markwkidd V Golden_Ace
MattS V doodydota
Rosslessness V LDG
MajorAwesome V russbirchall
leonardebaker V Dysp
HULK V sekoms
Jay V Ahamkara
Kexsel V Samireland

The winner of each game will go through to the next round.

Jay will be setting up the games shortly, please use this thread to update us with your progress and let me know who the winner is.

Good luck everyone! :smiley:

Please note Dysp has made a handy tool for recording stats, please see his post here Duelling tournament - #28 by Dysp for details.

And here are round 1 games.

Neptune's Pride - markwkidd V Golden_Ace
Neptune's Pride - MattS V doodydota
Neptune's Pride - Rosslessness V LDG
Neptune's Pride - MajorAwesome V russbirchall
Neptune's Pride - leonardebaker V Dysp
Neptune's Pride - HULK V sekoms
Neptune's Pride - Jay V Ahamkara
Neptune's Pride - Kexsel V Samireland


Can I just add that I have never played a 2 player game before. I have no idea what a good strategy will be.

First time for me too! GL all.

First time for me also and I know Dysp is good so will be interesting.

I’m in my game, waiting for my opponent (no rush). However the starting area looks different than the test map from the other thread- are we supposed to know what direction our opponents are in? If so I’m lost, hah!

Great to see this already get on it’s way! leonardebaker vs Dysp match stats can be followed here:
Note 18.1.2015: Made a quick update to enable map history sharing:

@leonardebaker I know you are experienced player as well, so will be interesting. Let’s have fun! :wink:

@MajorAwesome When both players are in the map will be fully visible.

Kexsel v Samireland stats at

What do you use for “API Code”?

Thanks LDG and IHG for setting up the Mano-Mano tournament.

Sekoms: I’m still traveling so go head and pick your preferred color - I’ll login and fire up Tuesday morning at the latest - I can submit real quick after that - pretty wild how fast these games can go.

@matts You can generate an API code for each of the games you are in. You will find the generate button from the game in the bottom of the options.

Awesome, never saw that.

My opponent is not in the game yet.

Game on!

@Ahamkara jump in! Neptune's Pride

Still waiting…


Am I too late to sign up for this tournament?

When is round 2?

I’d like for Round 1 to start for me first :frowning:

At what point do people forfeit?

@MattS, why don’t you jump in with @Unicycle247

@doodydota, are you out there?