1v1 Friendlies

Not looking for another 1v1 just yet, but was wondering if it’s possible to share some maps with the recent changes in starting cash for the future.
As far as i have understood it from the tournament thread, most have liked the additional options in strategie this allows. So also for practice it would be great too i guess? Anyone else interested?

Hey Finrod. Yes, I’d enjoy playing some friendly matches with the new cash increases as well. No rush to the Great Lords of Map Making though.

Hello all, as all my current 1v1s have either ended or didn’t start yet I am looking for another 1v1 friendly match. Unfortunately, it seems like the links to the games further up don’t work anymore?
I hope one of the gods of map making has some time this weekend or someone has a still functioning map for me to join.

Looking forward to some more 1v1 action.

Anyone interested? :slight_smile:

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I have conceded my game against @Solfyre … he SMASHES the HULK yet again! :wink:

Hey all,

still looking to practice some 1v1 as I don’t have any more currently going on.
Unfortunately I can’t come up with a better way to creat a map than this:
join me if you don’t mind getting a headache from too many circles :smiley:

Edit: PW is 1vs1

Haha, this map will be a unique experience! I’ll join.

Hey, new to the forum but not new in the game :slight_smile:.

I always want to try some 1v1, how usually one can find such games? Just keep tap on this thread?

Welcome to the forum then :wink:

Basically, you‘re right. It’s like the OP says:

BTW, I added 3 new maps here. Join a game and wait for an opponent to join you (optionally, you reply to the post and link, which game you joined).

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Did not realized those games are still empty. Thank you @DarkDragonwing!

I have joined game 1 and waiting patiently :slight_smile:

I’ll join ya, @float!

I am providing some maps here.
These maps have settings : jump = 6 ticks, 64 stars, HW = far, W3 .

@BOsshOgg win vs @float https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5863699037028352

map 21-52-2
@puffin win vs @csessh as “Chicken Wings”

map 52-3
DanimalsTCGYT wins vs skmbr https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5158896380149760

map 21-52-4
@Tanktress win vs @Krasso https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6641427822673920

map 21-52-5
@wfmcgillicuddy win vs @gaz123 https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6515455559467008

More later . . .

Thanks for providing additional maps! Not sure why you changed the title though, “FEB” gives the impression that this is an old thread where no new maps are added anymore which obviously isn’t the case.

Every time someone posts a reply, this thread will bump up to the top as the latest thread in the forum.

Eventually at some point, this thread may become too long, and we might want to begin a new one. ( How long is too long though ? Maybe before 100 posts ?)

I see. Let’s make it for the year then, based on previous activity this is roughly how long it will take to get to around 100 posts anyways.

@HULK tournament 2020 DEC is up to 240 posts, so yeah lets see how this goes for this year.

I am in https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5863699037028352 and ready to go if anyone up for a 1v1 friendly!

I haven’t done a 1v1 in a while. Let’s see what you got!

Well my game against @RhysOnasi came to an end after 384 turns. It was a close game and my aggressive pushes were all rebuffed. It looked like a long stalemate but then Rhys captured and held a planet further in my territory than I was comfortable with. I lost more ships than i liked recovering from that and everything looked precarious across my front so I threw some chaos into the game, and turned into it a naked mud fight between 2 Edward Scissorhands.

A good game and Rhys has added to my collection of white hairs :slight_smile:

What was the game number ?

@suedenim , I think you meant to post in the thread 1v1 LLL ?