August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

@Karmadrome now leads 83-64 against @MalcolmReynolds at tick #288 - game link

@Solfyre now leads 60-58 against @Trucriot at tick #372 - game link
Looks like he made a bold move up the middle, but paid a steep price in ships - TBD how that will develop.

@Karmadrome now leads 87-64 against @MalcolmReynolds at tick #324 - game link
The infrastructure stats are much closer and @MalcolmReynolds is a wily veteran (as is @Karmadrome) … so we’ll have to see how it plays out.

@Solfyre still leads 60-58 against @Trucriot at tick #408 - game link
and after some bouncing around, appears to be holding the lead for a bit.
Looks like this could become a new record for longest 1v1 game! :wink:
Screenshot_2020-10-11 1v1 6630022761414656

Something strange happened in the latest release and anybody who had the special create game privileges will need me to enable them again.

I’ve done HULK and Tr0n. If there was anybody else who needed them please email me.

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@Karmadrome now leads 93-58 against @MalcolmReynolds at tick #360 - game link

@Solfyre and @Trucriot are back to being tied at 59-59 at tick #432 - game link
Screenshot_2020-10-18 1v1 6630022761414656

At tick #366 I have resigned in my match vs. @Karmadrome. It was a close game for the most part, but I made some mistakes by building ECO somewhat recklessly and allowed him to slowly develop a ship count advantage, and that did me in. Good game, as always!

GG @MalcolmReynolds
I actually thought that big Eco move wasn’t too bad. I was already ahead on indy and ships, so I thought it was an interesting move. But overall it was definitely an interesting and fun tussle.

Looking forward to the next round :wink:

Congrats @Karmadrome and better luck next time @MalcolmReynolds.
I will update the first post with the results when I get back in town.